Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas At the Mall

With December here already, the festive season is upon us and the malls are all abound with Christmas (or as they say in secular terms here, Holiday) decorations.

Holidays are a time to exchange gifts.

Gifts that come in a hot air balloon!

Balloons that drop into a busy mall! But who brought the gifts?

Why, it's Santa!

Santa is busy taking pictures with delighted kids ...

... right next to the giant Christmas tree ...

... which is right beside Santa's Toy Workshop! I wonder where the elves are hiding.

And how did Santa know to come to this mall? Why, he was invited via a letter, didn't you know!

All photos taken by iPhone 4.


youngMuslimah said...

oks beautiul! dubai airport is more decorated during christmas than

Lat said...

Very nice pics and good story-telling btw :) Our malls here are celebrating too!
It's nice to look at the colourful lights and hear cheery songs whenever a festival or Eid comes by.

mezba said...

@youngMuslimah, thanks.

I did notice that Dubai seems to celebrate Christmas (at the malls) more than Eid!

However that could be because Christmas has more "fixed" decorations - holly, Christmas trees, green and red, Santa, snow etc.

What are Eid decorations? Eid seems more spiritual (you start with a service at the mosque) and then it's more filled with activities (Eidi, visiting) and foods.

@Lat, Very nice pics and good story-telling btw :)


I was in Malaysia during one Christmas/New Year season and it was great.

Muslim Girl said...

I can't recognize this mall, I know it's not sq1! Is it STC?

I like the atmosphere of the "holidays" as well bc everyone seems to be in a good mood, but those songs that are replayed over and OVER again get to you after a while..

youngMuslimah said...

yeah. They decorate the trees with all these colorul ligthts though. Looks pretty.

'liya said...

At Eaton Centre they have snow falling indoors! One of my students told me today that they have snow shows every evening at 7, I have to check this out :D

Nadia said...


I haven't been to the bigger malls in Dubai this month, but I'm assuming the locals are busy putting up the world's largest Christmas tree there ;)

Loginbd said...

Beautiful pictures.

mezba said...

@MuslimGirl, it's STC.

I think I am already sick of the "Nutcracker" song! But that's one thing I wish we had. Where's my Eid songs?

@Young Muslimah, it is indeed very pretty - and looks festive.

@Liya, really? Now this I gotta see. I mean, I sick of snow falling outside, but inside, fake snow, when it's not cold and I don' t have to shovel, is the way to go. Remindes me more of Dubai though - fake snow.

@Nadia, busy putting up the world's largest Christmas tree there lol that's funny.

@Loginbd, thanks.

Lat said...

Mezba,I don't live in Malaysia! :)

I don't know how much Christmas is celebrated there but here,in Singapore,the malls are definitely flooded in Christmas :)

mezba said...

@Lat, I confused you with another blogger.

Do you live in Singapore then? I visited there long time ago - it was such a nice place.

The only dirty part .. lol .. was the Indian/desi part hehe I think our hotel was right opposite this huge temple.

Lat said...

haha! That's very Singaporean!lol!

The intergration strategy to include everyone in society did work on most,and I'm one of them :)

mezba said...

Singapore is a nice place. I still have good memories of Sentosa Island.

Nadia said...

Ok, so I sort of miscalculated. The locals weren't busy with putting up the largest Christmas tree here, but rather the world's most expensively decorated tree. It's crazy like that here.

mezba said...

*shakes head*

Sanju said...

fff I didn't get to go to Eaton all break. D: It's close to u of t but far from home.

mezba said...

It was decked up pretty well.