Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG! OMG! OMG! OBAMA ... is.. HERE!!! *faint*

Today, on my drive to work, finally I heard something else on the news other than Barack Obama. Even if it was about the stock market going down by another 200 points. Frankly, the Obamania frenzy is getting a little sickening.

I have nothing against the guy. I think what he did and how he achieved it - is awesome. But .. wtf.. he just started the job!!! Give him some time, and judge him on his actions.

I admit he is doing all he has promised to do, and he seems sincere. But what really cooked my goose was hearing on the radio about a lady who woke up and went to freezing, snowy Parliament Hill at 4.30 AM to get a good spot so she could PERHAPS see the President!!!

Now that's really crazy.

And to everyone who reads this story "the President made an unscheduled stop at an Ottawa Bakery to buy some cookies" and goes "AAWWW... how cute!" I have this piece of news for you.

Nothing is unscheduled. NOTHING. They scoped out the market and bakery long before hand. How did Obama know this bakery is the one to go to, not its neighbour? They just didn't publish it on the itinerary.

Again, in the words of Thomas Walkom, enough with Obamamania already!
Obama may be a fine chap who has a good way with words. But in the end, he's their guy not ours.


Suroor said...

He is cute :D

Farah said...

c'mon don't be a basher!

I think the main reason people go crazy about him is that he inspires people - and that's something not too many politicians do nowadays.

mezba said...

Suroor: Ok! :-D I thought you liked sheikhs in beards!

Farah: I will give you that, but the adulation he is given by everyone just borders on overhype, that's all.

isheeta said...

Youre just jealous cuz even your wife probably likes him :)


Anonymous said...

I think people is puting so many hopes on him to change the world, they will be majorly depressed when they realise he is just a human being and he can't do everything they want him to do...

mezba said...

Here's the detail about that detour.

Isheeta: LOL.

lovetodaydream: I hope he succeeds coz otherwise the financial system is in ruins.

'liya said...

I think just the fact that he's black and president is a huge step and a great thing to be proud of for Americans (considering their racist history).

It was odd however at a school assembly last week when an American speaker said "our president" and the students all began cheering. We ARE Canadian, not American and he's not "ours" so I see your point there.

Muhamad said...

Let's judge him by his actions.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Atleast he can talk and make some sense. Yap,he's not *ours*, ours seems to have come from outerspace, lol, in a galaxy far far away. sf

mezba said...

Liya: Exactly, good though he may be, he still has different interests in heart than us Canadians. It's a bit sad though - that we are no closer to electing a minority Prime Minister after all these years of multiculturalism.

Muhammad: true.

Sf: Ya. His biggest plus point: he's not Bush.

saeeda said...

yea hes "our" guy...haha.

obama is up to our expectations for now. but in the end, he's just another president. a president that inherited the idiot's mess of an economy.i feel bad for him, and for myself for all that matters.


you canadians have it good. =P

mezba said...

Saeeda: we certainly have it good for now. the fact that we are a conservative country means while we don't rise as big as the US in good times, when the bad times come we are better off. You know, the bigger they are and all that.

somehow though, I think we haven't bottomed out yet!