Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OK I Admit, Star Trek = Geek

I recently realized why a Star Trek fan is held as the ultimate geek. I was watching TV with a female Indian friend and suddenly Voyager came on. Being a Trekkie - I naturally switched to that channel.

"Uffo, what is this? Is that Obama?"

"Er, no." I replied. "That's Tuvok. He's a Vulcan."

"A what? And why is that... my God! A talking fish!"

"That's not a talking fish." I tried to explain. "It's a Talaxian."

I then launched into a "history" lesson.

"Vulcans are a race of intelligent aliens who control their emotions, while Talaxians are a group of another aliens in the Delta Quadrant."

"I see." Probably did not. "And that man with the triangle on his forehead?"

"That's Chakotay. He's an Indian."

"A what?"

"Aboriginal Indian." I hastened to explain. "Not your Indian Indian." I did not add that I have yet to meet a native Indian who had a triangle tattoo on his forehead.

"What's happening here?"

"Oh," I was recalling the episode. "It's a time warp field. Their ship has encounter a, er, anomaly in the, er, space-time continuum ..."

"You know, if they are going back in time, why are they going back to Earth? You said they are 75,000 miles from Earth...."

Not miles dear, I thought, light years.

"Er, I don't know!" (cheaper to shoot episode in LA I guess).

You know what, Bidaii now sounds much more interesting.


Solace In Islam said...

Star Trek hasn't been on in South Africa in a long time, but I used to watch it every week!

If you are not a fan, the attraction is a bit difficult to understand

mezba said...

Solace In Islam: And The Next Generation is my favourite. barring a few episodes, that show doesn't age!

Ya, you have to be a fan to get some of the things, like why is Voyager worried about running low on dilithium... oh those early episodes of Voyager (and Kes) was so irritating!

Anonymous said...

LOL I tried watching Start Trek a few times, but never got the hold of it...same goes with Star Wars, I've never watched them haha.

mezba said...

Elena: You know, being a sci-fi lover, you would think I could get into the Star Wars thing, but I never could. I kept thinking, where's Earth?

Anonymous said...

I love Star Trek! TNG use to be my favourite but now its most definitely DS9. I just find the characters so much more complex and I like the longer story arcs. I think trek and sci-fi in general just has a negative connotation in the general public. I think people are just too lazy to take the time to get to know it. On the flip side, there is a lot of bad sci-fi out there too.

mezba said...

Geeki: So true!

Have you read Asimov? Not just his Robot series, but he also wrote this Lucky Starr series which were really great light sci-fi.

Anonymous said...

haha... one of those fabulous convo's you have with female friends. infact i have seen a lot of individuals belonging to the female species not liking sci-fi episodes or movies. just their natural taste, i guess.
I used to watch Star Trek a lot, but slowly slowly somehow faded away from it.

But I must admit... Saat Phere...Saloni Ka Safar is way cool... indians manage to squeeze 10 episodes from one theme...


mezba said...

Behbood: true, the female species sometimes don't have appreciation for the, er, geekier things in life!

Anonymous said...

You geeky snob! LOL. :D

mezba said...

Specs: Someone gotta be!

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Mezba:

I LOVE Star Trek! And Battlestar Galactica, too!

isheeta said...

hey, there are female trekkie fans out there too!

I am a die-hard fan of star trek.. well, the ORIGINAL with Kirk and Spock and McCoy and the Klingons before they could speak English! so Im really looking fwd to the one coming out in May ... take ur female friend with you to that one, it looks really good, and she might hav a better appreciation for it!

Ahmad said...

I love the Kes character, much to my wife's disapproval as she sees herself more like B'Elanna.

She compares me to Tuvok but honestly, I really like the Doctor.

Safiyyah said...

I liked the character who played Worf's wife - his son's mother. Gheez, I forget her name!

Suroor said...


I have never watched Star Trek!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch star trek(have no idea which though coz there are many, apparently???)growing up. It was one of the shows that we could watch :). which was the one that had Whoopi?? sf

mezba said...

Safiyyah: I never actually watched Battlestar Galactica. Maybe I should. I am still too much indoctrined into Star Trek.

Isheeta: nice to know! Ya, I am looking forward to that movie as well. Maybe you can join us!

Ahmad: Kes? Er, I think I prefer her replacement Seven of Nice! :-p

Safiyyah: I just saw her (and that episode) today. Kehleyr or something. She is one fine woman.

Suroor: you are missing out on like the best entertainment on tv.

Sf: Whoopi - that would be the Next Generation - my favourite series.

Muhamad said...

So, Mezba, are you a "trekkie" or a "trekker"?

mezba said...

Muhammad: What is the difference?

Muhamad Lodhi said...

Come on! :-)
What is the difference?
Have you not read about Nimoy, Rodenberry, etc, on trekkie versus trekker? Look it up.

mezba said...

Lodhi: Nah, I just watch the shows, don't read anything else on them.