Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Know It Must Be Eid When ...

  1. You have already decided that Eid will be on Saturday, even though there is a chance it could be on Friday, because Saturday is more convenient.

  2. You already have a list of mosques that will 'celebrate' Eid on Saturday just so you have a backup.

  3. worked 364 days a year but you know it will crash today.

  4. Your sister has decided there will be a girls' henna party at your place and you are told you will have to vacate the house. All this without even consulting you.

  5. You don't mind because you are going out for sheesha with friends anyways (hey! Ramadan is over).

  6. Eid is declared on Saturday. Great! Now you can change your MSN nick to "Eid is on Saturday". And still some people will message you "So Eid is on Saturday? Not Friday?". You wonder how they passed university.

A very joyous Eid Mubarak to all my readers.


mousehunter said...

Eid Mubarak to you as well!

Ah the deciders of looks like we may have a unanamous Ramadan...first in many years! We all started on the same day, and alhumdulillah looks like we're all ending on the same day! Mark it on your calendar, has to be one those "Remember where you were when the beginning and end of Ramadan was unanamous?" events.

working said...

same to you!

Rezwan said...

Eid is on Friday in most parts of Europe and caught us by surprise. Anyway whats there to tell when its a working day and you have to drive 45 minutes to be at a Bangladeshi mosque where a Turkish Imam preached Khutba in German language. Anyway its still better when you can see 150 odd Bangladeshi faces in a makeshift Mosque (which was leased by a Jew, the Germans usually are weary of Mosques).

After the usual embracing you come back to the reality when you are outside the Mosque. Most of the fellows are already late for work.

Rezwan said...

Oh and Eid Mubarak to Mejba and all the readers of this Blog.

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

You know I was really waiting for your last post of ramadan where you reflect on the whole month of controlling yourself from all the "gunaah" (sins).


Anonymous said...

Eid mubarak to you too! *Our* eid is on saturday, at Roger's centre!! It's going to be a ball! ;) sf

Sumera said...

Khayr Mubarak! I wish I could hold a Chaand Raat at home, but what with all the men - it'd be impossible to shift them! :D

mezba said...

Mousehunter: It's true! well at least in Toronto :-P someone from Texas yesterday told me they are doing Eid on Friday (today). When I said it is not possible for the moon to be seen on Thu night (according to he replied scoffingly, "Well, if you believe the 'calculations'!"

Working: thanx!

Rezwan: that's interesting what you say, about a mosque leased by a Jew!

Behbood: Well I just had a lot on my plate this Ramadan, could not give it justice AT ALL!

Sf: wow I might just be there.

Sumera: haha I guess you have a lot of brothers. Oh well, at least you will get a lot of eidi!

Suroor said...

Eid Mubarak to you and your familY!

so, you didn't have Eid today? :D

'liya said...

Yes Saturday :D

And my family is planning to go to Rogers Centre too hehe..

Eid Mubarak!

Anonymous said...

We celebrated Eid on Friday here in London, but Eid Mubarak to you and all your readers whatever day you celebrate it on.

Sumera said...

I didnt get any Eidi :(

I suspect the money's being saved up for something else deemed far more important! :P

jahandost said...

Eid Mubarak to you also. Now that I am back I have realized that that you need your weekly dose of philosophy so consider yourself tagged ya Sheikh! :p

Anisa said...

eid mubarak!

i must tell you that eid was a total mess here in the southeastern US. it was friday some places, saturday others. some masjids even had two services. it is sad that all muslims couldn't be united for our holiest of days. it ruined my plans, as well as my parents plans. :(

mezba said...

Suroor: Eid Mubarak (I love how we keep doing this, this time of the year, in the blogosphere!). We had Eid on Saturday.

Liya: I just prayed at the Foundation. The timing and the location was good. How was it at Skydome?

Anon: same to you.

Sumera: haha. The Question on what to spend it on is very important! *wink*

Jahandost: haha ok I will take a look.

Anisa: Eid Mubarak! Ya I heard about the fiasco down there. I blame the Arab-controlled mosques there - they are determined to follow Saudi timings (global moonsighting they call it) and do NOT want to move into the twenty-first century. Calculations is the way to go about it.

'liya said...

There were a lot of people and we lost my aunt and found her an hour later :D

mezba said...

Ah Liya, lol... was it finders keepers?

Anisa said...

100% agreement with you, mezba.