Monday, August 20, 2007

Talking About Someone's Wife

Dear Diary,

Does any one still read this blog? No? Oh, I guess it'll just be me and you then. You liked it that way, didn't you?

I went to a wedding last week. Apparently, there are some rules about praising another man's wife that I breached.

My friend, with whom I go way back (hello A.) and his wife also arrived for the wedding. As you know, I am a very, er, observant person. So as soon as I saw her, I told her, "Wow P, you look very good! Those highlights in your hair make you look striking!"

Of course she flushed and replied, "Oh thank you, tell your friend A, he didn't even notice!"

And true to nature A could hardly be bothered and we were soon discussing the dismal nature of the Bangladesh cricket team and the looming Ontario election. We soon split up and I was working the room, when suddenly, half an hour or so later, my friend A again showed up.

"Man, why did you have to praise my wife so much? Now she's bugging me that I don't notice stuff about her."


"Listen, next time you praise ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE, keep it general ok? Don't get SPECIFIC."


WTF man how can you not notice your wife has ORANGE HAIR.

And it didn't help when I told him "oh well your wife is very pretty so I guess you can tell her you got used to her beauty."

Well ... I thought it was a very good excuse.

There are times I feel sorry for married people.

Oh don't worry about my friend and I - we are good.


isheeta said...


Nothing serious! No reason for hollering! Just saying Welcome back!!

Rawi said...

hehehehe. your friend's rule though is too general, it should be specific: don't praise another man's wife's hair's highlights.

i don't still read the blog, but i get rss feed :-)

mousehunter said...

HAHA...welcome back! Surprised that you chose this post to restart with :)

working said...

Haha - that's funny. He must not have been married very long because then he'd know to compliment her after a hair appointment even if he can't tell the difference. :)

mezba said...

ISHEEEEEETA *from top of mountain* thank you for the welcome.

Rawi: haha good one! I have just learnt that as long as another man's wife is concerned, just stay mum! Although praising another man's girl friend seems to be fine, guys like to think their girl friend is hot!

Mousehunter: Oh well - it seemed to funny not to blog about! That's a life as a blogger, you go through a funny situation and you are like 'man I gotta blog about this!'.

Working: oh my! that's a good tip.

Anonymous said...

It's true, be general, that's the rule coz you'll put your friend in "trouble"(coz many MARRIED men don't notice things!). Oh, welcome back :)sf

'liya said...

Yay you're back!

What colour was her hair before? If it was close in colour I might understand, when my highlights grew out V didn't notice, but if she went from black to orange that guy SHOULD have noticed and said something especially if it was her husband!!

NAB said...

you are weak. WEAK, I say.

Works to my advantage though so I am not complaining too strongly. Welcome back to this catharsis we losers call Blogging.

Miss Specs said...

Ha ha...that is wierd. But seriously, its time you learnt that it does not do to comment upon something the husband has not!I tend to sympathize witht he guy because i witnessed the same scene first hand and beleive you wasn't pretty. Ha ha ...


mezba said...

Sf: haha seems like most married men are constantly in trouble!

Liya: Her hair was black (brunette) but for the wedding it became slightly brownish with some striking highlights. It actually looked good on her.

I see her frequently (facebook-er) and I noticed it.. I thought he would have too!

Nowal: *halo* back by popular demand of one brown baby girl I say.

Miss Specs: lol why do women make such a big deal of what they did and how we are supposed to notice it I ask. Anything she wears is fine. Really.


Athena said...

haha bechara...and i mean the husband :P.

mezba said...

Athena: hmmm.. not even one supporter of moi!