Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Tech Letter

Please explain the following to me.
From: Tech. Support Group.
To: Me.

We have analyzed the error report and regret to inform you that the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 you purchased is incompatible with Windows XP Service Pack 2. It's a known software issue. The problem can be rectified by upgrading to a more compatible mouse.
Last time I checked, Microsoft made Windows, right? You would think their software would be compatible with their own hardware ...


Em said...

NO -- I just ordered mine today!! Well I guess if it's a software issue, it isn't a major biggy, besides PnP might just do it without their crappy software.

Re incompatibility of hardware vs software, trust Microsoft to do this. I should have gone with the logitech, except that they apparently eat batteries like a greedy fat boy with a birthday cake. *sigh*

Em said...

Wait, I just re-read your post - what, upgrade to a more compatible MOUSE?!?!?! NOOOOOOO... there's a 15% re-stock fee :'(

ruby said...

It's a software issue so their suggestion is to change the hardware???

mousehunter said...

Microsoft...hmph. Ok...think about it...how many people are running WinXP SP1 or less? And I doubt the vast majority are running Vista yet. What a crock.

Em bought from Canada computers? Actually I have a logitech wireless kb/mouse combo, and in 2 years I think I've only changed the batteries like 3 times.

Em said...

Mousehunter: I've replied on your blog, lest Mezba roar ;).

a Muslim said...

I'm such a klutz when it comes to computers, believe me, I didn't understand ONE word.

Em: why don't you have your own blog? :)

mezba said...

Em: Wa'salaam. It's not a big deal - your screen saver won't run in an admin account if the mouse is plugged in. It's especially ironic as XP's hardware compatibility is supposedly the best.

Ruby: hehe I know.. coz after all.. the world revolves around software.

Mousehunter: I have good experience with logitech stuff as well. You can buy those 2500ma niMH rechargable batteries and go for 3-4 months on one battery. The good thing about the MS mouse is it only needs 1 battery and lasts a long while.

Em: what, me roar?

a muslim: I told him that too.

Em said...


Mez, meow then?
Here's the updated status of my recent relationship with Microsoft: I just ordered a new Dell laptop with Win XP instead of Vista precisely because I love the compatibility and stability... although I can probably live w/o the screen saver, I'd go mad if I had to wait for the system to start up every time I move (apparently standby and hibernate are affected -- and I need to home-office-lab it daily)... There's more: almost as though to mock me, my new Microsoft wireless desktop set came in today, and the RF receiver is BIGGER than the MOUSE -- what kind of a incorrigible set of nincompoops has MS hired? I'm returning both sets of costume plastic... Needless to say, I will now have to marry off my one-year-old Microsoft mouse (which is a gem, to be honest) inter-racially to a Logitech. Whoever said arranged marriages are difficult sure wasn't kidding!

A Muslim: wow, I can't believe there are ppl out there who'd want to read my rubbish. Thanks for asking, sister!

In seriousness, I have been blogging occasionally for quite some time now, but I dare not bore anyone with my research thoughts and my personal perspectives, so I don't publish. After all, I'm an Em. Ems don't publish ;).

a Muslim said...

Salaam, em, how did you figure out I'm a female? Last time around I checked, I were still a man!
As for the record, your comments are far from rubbish. I, for one would be interested in reading from you:) Let's just hope some niqabi sister discovers your blog;)

And an advice my dear brother, not a very good idea to wink at a sister, lucky for you I'm a guy.:-D

Anonymous said...

K,I don't understand the *computer* language but here's my question since I can find an answer somewhere here. I just bought a digital camera (HP)6.0MP @Bestbuy,now I want to get the memory card they have for sale but in it's description this is what it says,"Core Micro 1GB Secure Digital Card can store over 400 images using a 5MP digital camera". My question is, will it be compatible with my 6.0 camera(I have no idea about the compatibility). Anyone with an answer let me know. MP(?) challenged, hehehehe sf

Em said...


A Muslim: hehe, apologies bro. You claimed to be a ninjabi in an earlier comment (if I remember correctly) -- from the article I wasn't sure a man would be trained together with niqabis in a woman-all facility, let alone be admitted into the club: hence 'sister'. But you're absolutely right about the winking -- jazak Allauh khairan for the reminder, bro :).

sf: it comes down to the type of media card, not the capacity. I think HP uses standard SD cards, but the memory card you refer to is a MicroSD, which will NOT be compatible without an adapter (adapters are often offered with the card). Given that MicroSDs are more expensive than SDs, I'd say buy the SD instead if that's what your camera takes. Just ask the folks at BestBuy for compatibility, or search by the model number of your camera and card type on google thus: HP M537 SD . You'll know within the first two search results.

Mez, sorry for monopolizing your blog :).

a Muslim said...

mezbu ( isn't that your nickname? lol), sorry for going off-topic.

em: walaykumassalam, that was just a tease. I'm a hijabi though. Remember men are required to cover up too coupled with ' and tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard your modesty..'. waeeyak and barakallah feeh:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks em, that was very helpful,sorry mezba,but your blog help us folks too! lol sf

mousehunter said...

When I started TT, I never realized how many people had mouse problems! A mouse! You would think every mouse would be compatible with everything, people rarely think twice about OS when buying a mouse.

mezba said...

Em: I got the Optical mouse 3000, the receiver is no bigger than a USB key drive. It works ok for the most part except when it doesn't work. I don't know if that made sense but I wish they would rethink their policy of forcing the user to change rather than fixing their software.

A muslim: Now I am confused, you are a man, or a woman?

Sf: I was going to answer but I see Em has already done it. The memory card you buy has nothing to do with your camera mega pixel except for amount of images you can store. By a 1gig SD card and you should be ok.

Mousehunter: you'd think, eh?

singlemuslimah said...

That's kind of special. Why change the hardware if the problem is the software? Then again, what do I know? I'm no computer whiz.