Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lameass Conversations of The Week - 3

"How do you know," my fellow Torontonian cousin asked me, as we all gathered in Ottawa for a family reunion, "that we are no longer in Toronto?"

"Hmm," I pondered, "how?"

"When you realize that white people are really the majority in this country, and brown people a minority, and the fact that there actually exists Canadians who speak French."
* * *

I read an article that said "a mother's cells can migrate to her fetus and remain long after baby grows up" as thus:
Cells can migrate from mother to fetus and remain in their new home long after baby becomes an adult. A number of researchers are now investigating whether these cells cause disease or fight it, and whether most of us are living with our mothers and don't know it. [the Globe]
"Wow, this is a cool article," I thought as I emailed it to my mother, along with a message "Happy Mother's Day".

Mom emailed back, "Thank you, but remember you have to mow the lawn, water the garden, wash the car and vacuum the house."

"Tomorrow," I emailed back.

"Hmm," Was her reply, "I think you got more of your father's cells than mine."
* * *

"Remember," My Extra-Methodical-Aunt told her 10-year-old daughter, "as soon as the salesperson sees that you like it, he will try to increase the price. He knows he's got you! So be nonchalant, aloof, and talk to me in Bengali if you like what you see."

"Mom," Vexed daughter replied, "we are going to a garage sale!"

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mousehunter said...

Its amazing how many people in Ottawa speak French!

Your mom is too funny and cool, espcecially after that favour she did for you whilst you had no net access (You know what I mean, I won't divulge it)...haha.

Your aunt, typical desi eh :) ....always looking for the bottom line, even if it costs $0.99, "I'll give you a quarter!"

'liya said...

I like your mom! Hehe :D

M&M said...

LOLL altho i hav never been to ottawa but

"When you realize that white people are really the majority in this country, and brown people a minority, and the fact that there actually exists Canadians who speak French."
lolllll... funnny ! n ur mom sounds so cool lol.

Athena said...

HAHA your aunt is using her desi skills on garage sales too :D. Good stuff. Last summer I found out that my cousin took his friend (who lives abroad) shopping and they decided on code language. If he ever asks her how she likes it (clothes/shoes/etc.) she should answer with "choley" only if she really really likes it ;).

Ahmed said...

Hehe, your mom is funny. :)

ruby said...

Your mom ROCKS!

There are gorey in Canada? Serious?

Anonymous said...

Now that is one smart mom! :)
I have yet to go to Ottawa inshallah. I think everyone likes a bargain, I remember when I went to Dubai and I had to *haggle*, it was a blast!!! sf

mezba said...

Mousehunter: and here I thought French people only existed in la Belle Province.

haha about the favour, as for my aunt, she got a 200$ painting for 10$ so now I am less apt to make fun of her.

Liya: Me 2 :-D

M&M: I have been to Ottawa numerous times and this fact never fails to amaze me.

Athena: your cousin should go with us car shopping - we have a whole dictionary of double meanings!

Ahmed: That she is, surprisingly at times.

Ruby: There ARE. I know!

Sf: I loved to haggle in Dubai shops and I am a guy - you could always get anything half priced at the souks.

mehziba choudhury said...

haha those conversations are priceless!

I found your blog through a link.. it made me curious that ur name is mezba.. and mine mehziba. I've been looking for others with my name for soo long, and thus i thought i'd check this out :)

mezba said...

Mehziba... Haha .. we could be each other's typos.. lol. Welcome to the blog.

Athena said...

About the shoes - I've seen a lot of people wearing shoes in that room :S. The first time I went in there, the place outside the room was filled with shoes but when I peeked in, I didn't see anyone without shoes so I went in there with my shoes on too :(.

Also, seeing how it's Ramadan, I don't think there's anything wrong with people joining the 'fasters' (yay I made up a word) in iftaar so long as there's enough food for the actual people who are fasting.

Lastly, someone really needs to tell that guy to put his pants on :P.

- Athena

p.s. - GAHH please ignore that previous post :@. Remind me to tell you why that happens next time I see you.