Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Danforth Celebration of Bangladesh Victory

As soon as Bangladesh beat Bermuda to qualify for the next round of the Cricket World Cup, I headed to Danforth/Victoria Park (Little Bangladesh) of Toronto with my friends.


This is T Sr.'s SUV, with T Jr. out of the sunroof waving the Bangladesh flag. Notice that we are now all part of a convoy (lineup) of cars, all sporting Bangladesh flags.


Pretty soon a crowd started to gather around. Note that one man in the picture (to the right) above has a megaphone, he has already started trying to lead a march!


Strangers were just congratulating and hugging each other!

white ppl

Even people who had no idea of cricket joined in the fun.


Soon the lineup of cars (more than 30!) all made their way into the Indian/Pakistani part of the town - Gerrard Street. With the Bangladesh win having knocked India out of the Cup, needless to say, the Pakistanis were more pleased to see us, than the Indians! (too bad I was inside our car and couldn't take a proper picture of the flag decorated cars)


If you squint you can make out the flags though!


At the end of the day, shopkeepers were giving out free rosogollas and samosas. Who says we are cheap?


Sonia said...

wow sounds like great fun! what a festive atmosphere

Anonymous said...

how come theres no hot chicks ?

mezba said...

Sonia: We did have a ball.

Anon: It's not that kind of blog.

leibniz said...

Congratulations! Cheers to Bangladesh and more victories to come!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.....I have been to Gerrard Street before, but never knew TO had such an established Bangla-town nearby ! I'll definitely check itout next time I'm in the Big City !!
Btw, those pics were great :-)
Subhadeep, Edmonton, AB

mezba said...

thanx all.

Anonymous said...

is there going to be a boishakhi mela this weekend ? if Anyone has news...can u post it with time and address?