Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shadher Lau

Since it is getting winter-like cold this early in the Fall, I stripped our garden of the last remaining fruits. It's amazing how tasty a fruit or vegetable can be when freshly plucked, cooked and eaten immediately. This is where a house definitely beats a condo.

Assorted Fruits and Vegetables.

Shadher Lau.



Em said...

Wow, I have to laud your green fingers, Ma Sha Allah - the 'shadher lau' looks promising enough for a splendidly delicious chingri diye chorchori... but I'm fasting, I'm fasting...

Ever translated that catchy tune? It'd be 'the bottle gourd of desire'. Sounds really dodgy in English, no?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mezba, Can I add you to my blogroll?

mezba said...

Em: It's actually my mom's credit - it's her garden - I only eat!

No, never got to translate that song. Boiragi - is that what it means?

Suroor: Sure! Honoured.

Anonymous said...

Mezba Bhaia,

Its Showing Your MOM have really fantastic Garden....Lucky Dude You guys can have garden In your home..:)

COnvey My Wishes N Salaam to Her..:)

Samiha Esha :)

Aisha said...

Maybe the proportion is lost in the picture but those veggies look like they were pumping serious steroids!

Anonymous said...

You know someone had to ask this,mez.... but how in the world did you make that thing stand?!

mezba said...

Samiha: Mom says walaikum'asalam. Ya it's pretty nice to have a garden - especially in the summer.

Aisha: Well we did water the plants daily - I wonder what was in the city water supply :-)

mezba said...

Isheeta: The bottom was sort of flat - strange eh? The top was balanced by leaning it against the cupboard shelf.

Hasan Mubarak said...

Oh yeah, there's no replacement for home-grown freshness!!

And, I hope its not too late to wish you a very blessed Ramadan!!

mezba said...

Hasan: Hope you had a prosperous ramdan too.

Ek Umeed said...

Mezba, tsk; tsk. You have beautiful pictures of those fruits and vegetables up, and my stomach is not taking kindly to the reminder of its emptiness. (Stomach growls right on cue.)

Be kind to me, Mezba, or I am going to blame you for my fantasies of luscious, and busty figures that fruits and vegetables make in my imagination even as they become ingredients in my favorite dishes. (Goes into fantasy land of delicious fruity and veggie land. Lala-la-lala-llaaa.) ;)

Oooh, and hey, ever learn of the term "sharing" in kindergarten? Well, I did. And uhh-hmm (clears throat). Don't you think you should send some of those to "muah" (as in "me")? ;)

And yes, I did reply to your comment on my blog; so, you're welcome to check that out.

(Note to self: 4 hours and 23 minutes and 10 seconds to go until I get to break fast.)

mezba said...

ek umeed: sorry, didnt see ur message until after iftar, but, um, think of it this way, since i caused u to think of food during fast and u didnt give in to the temptation, u actually earned more rewards.. . so u hav to thank me...hehe

but man these r veggies... i look at some veggies and i m glad i m fasting :-P

Anonymous said...

yep amazing! being able to grow your own food is a great thing.

Em said...

Mezba, boiragi is a vagabond. Lau is the bottle gourd, shadh is desire.

Homework: what is dugdugi? aga? doga? I think half the words in that song have no direct english equivalent... which is why it is such a charming Bangla song hehe...

25th night tonight, Insha Allah. Pls remember the ummah in your du'as everyone!

mezba said...

Sonia: Truly.. too bad they don't let you keep chickens in your backyards nowadays... lol

Em: Will get back to you... sometime... on the homework.