Saturday, October 07, 2006

New York Pics

Apparently Flickr lets you create only 3 sets if you are a freeloader - which is kind of an aaaagh feeling. I guess I have to rejig my sets. I am placing a few pics below, the full slideshow can be started from here.

Times Square.

Grand Central Station.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Atlas holds up the world.

A stealthfighter above Liberty Island.

That statue.

A view from the ferry.


'liya said...

Nice pictures :)

Who is the bull? Is it some sort of significant symbol to New Yorkers or is it just there? It reminds me of those big moose we had all over Toronto a long time ago. I wonder what happened to those..

mezba said...

Liya: thanx.

That's the New York Stock Exchange Bull on Wall Street. I think it's some kind of symbol for the exchange. It's quite famous (when they put the NYSE numbers up you can see the emblem of a bull in the graphics).

Some of the Toronto moose are still there. I know for example in Scarborough outside Chapters on Kennedy commons, downtown near Spadina and Front on the east side, and so on.

Samiha Esha said...

Hi Mezba Bhaia...:)

That's Really cool finally You manage time for uploading your NY pictures...hehe :)

Anyways The Statue Of Liberty Pic Was simply too Good :)

Take care....Bye BYe..:)


Esha :)

Free Lancer said...

Great Pics.

mezba said...

Samiha: Thanx.

My favourite is this one. I got a few others I should probably compress and put up on flickr.

Shirazi: Thanx. Do you have a blog? I clicked on your name in the comments and was unable to access a profile.

Em said...

Salaam. Great pics! Nothing from up on the Empire State Building, though? Didn't go up?

In investing nomenclature, bulls and bears refer to types of markets: stock prices are expected to rise in a bull market and fall in a bear market. Hence the bull on Wall St to represent market prosperity.

mezba said...

Em: No didnt go up on the ESB- it was raining so visibility was zero.

Maliha said...


Waah waah :( I miss NY.

Thanks for sharing the pics...reminds me I have to pay my yearly homage to the city that never sleeps.

isheeta said...

nice pics, mez!

ur bros and u seem to have had a great time with the whole shebang.. i was expecting to hear some horror stories about ur trip (u know, what with the US being in the state of armageddon these days), but its nice to know that things are chill.

mezba said...

Maliha: Truly the city that never sleeps. Another strange sensation was to see a continuous stream of people emerge from the underground at EVERY intersection in Manhattan, on and on!

Isheeta: Thanx, had a very, very enjoyable and fun trip.

Ahmed said...

Nice Pics! I thought the Bull refered to a Bull market (as opposed to a Bear market). So just things going well and good fortune on wall street, etc.