Friday, September 15, 2006

"Blessings" In The Big Apple

I know in Islamic lore rain is supposed to be a blessing from Allah - but why did He have to "bless" New York with so much rain JUST when I come here? Whole morning - bloody rain. Tomorrow - more rain. Day after tomorrow - rain. Sunday - sunny. Sunday I leave.

Bloody stupid @#$!@$ rain.

*really pissed off at some missed photography opportunities in the morning*

Sometimes I think these ideas of blessings were made up by the people of the desert *blasphemy alert* Like when they praise the ice and snow - while people here in Canada are probably dreaming of sunny, clear sky days of the summer. For us, paradise is warm and sunny, not cold and snowy.

Then again, the evening today, when I had an indoor activity planned, the weather was great.


The Bengali Fob said...

Hope you get to eat a big chunk of the Big Apple! And let's hope it doesn't taste sour either...

You can still take pics in the rain! I mean you have the best camera right? ;p

LOL Enjoy@

mezba said...



Allah megh de pani de chaimuna to aar

Aisha said...

:-( That sucks!!! Your predicament reminds me of Donald Duck in one of the episodes. Where he wants to play golf, he gets his golf clubs together andt he window shows a sunny dya, as soon as he steps outside it becomes rainy. He runs in. Sun comes out. Runs out. Rain comes back. Sounds familiar.

Maybe switch the indoor plans for later when its raining to take advantage of the day?