Saturday, February 18, 2006

The McMaster BSA Show - 'Proborton'

I attended the show 'Proborton' put on by the McMaster Bangladeshi Students Association - which includes many of my friends - and was truly amazed at the quality of their performances. UofT has a very strong competition now, and the best part was that McMaster's show was free to attend, and fully sponsored. It drew a large crowd (about 200, which surprisingly was about what UofT drew last year).

There were not too many song and dance items (a personal regret) but more skits - which had really brilliant acting. The characters seemed to come alive - particularly the role of 'Rambo the gangster (bhai)', played by Rony. They introduced their band - Nikhoj - who played a couple of Bengali songs as well as the English hit 'Hotel California'. The grand finale - a stage thumping group dance by Screetch and his guys, was mind blowing. I did not realize it's possible to choreograph a break dancing routine to a slow song such as Habib's Esho Brishti (coincidentally my favourite Bengali song).

Overall, an evening well spent.

Pimp my ride.

The MCs.

The Song 'Ekta Gorur Gari-te' by Dan and Rifat.

A dance number.

A guitarist from Nikhoj.

More band action.

During the performance of Hotel California.

Rony is singing 'Adbhut Shei Cheleti' with full spirit.

Even Apple computers can crash - it's not just Windows.

The marriage skit - parents telling their son he has to marry.

The 'ghotok' in the center, telling the son (in yellow) about some girl he has never seen, while the Colonel father (left) roars his approval.

The 20-year-'old' girl who does not want to consider marriage.

Enter the Dancemaster - Screetch.

Screetch and his troupe.


Masti-boy said...

You post all your memories and writings here unlike my blog which is only masti. Do you keep a copy in backup? I think you should. Some of your posts were great.

Anonymous said...

looks like you guys actually have a lot of fun in Toronto!! A very culturally driven Bengali community you have I suppose! Good times!


Aisha said...

There's always a marriage skit in all these shows :)

Reza said...

Good post and good pictures indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your kind and generous appreciation. The response we recieved so far has been flattering and overwhelming but, with the same token humbling too.

All the performers have put in alot of effort to create a spectacular evening for you - and we are glad to have lived upto our promise. And, talking about promises, our next is to deliver an even bigger and spectacular show next year.

Thank you very much once again.

-McMaster Bangladeshi Student's Association