Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gym Observations

A Few Observations Made While At The Gym:

  • No matter the day of the week or time of the day I show up at the gym, the person to enter the change rooms after me HAS to be using the locker right next to mine. Always. It has become a wonder of nature that I now await without surprise.

  • There will be one creepy guy in the sauna whenever I want to use it. I normally don't care about guys in the sauna, but when they start doing yoga there it's a little too much.

  • The day I decide to drive to the gym in my work out clothes, so I don't need to waste time changing, they put the cutest receptionist on duty.

  • Just because you are a South Asian and you see me as a South Asian does NOT mean I know cricket. Alright, I do know cricket, but I do not want to talk about Mohammad Kaif's lack of runs of Ganguly's ouster while on the treadmill.

  • The person doing benchpress on the machine I am about to use has to be benchpressing what appears to be 2 million pounds. Removing all those weights is a work out in itself.

  • Most Seinfeld-esque moment in the locker room:

    Q: Hey --- why do they call it Head and Shoulders?
    A: Um, maybe because there's like hair on the shoulders, and these hairs, um, have dandruff too. So it's Head and Shoulders. You know, complete dandruff protection.

  • My happiest moment in the gym: A few days before Eid-ul-Fitr, getting my fitness test done. My nutritionist beams at me and says, 'Wow you have lost this much of weight and so much of percentage in body fat.' Thank you Ramadan.

  • My saddest moment in the gym: A few days after Eid-ul-Fitr. You spend some weight in the way of God, He returns it multiplied. What God taketh away, He giveth back.


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Shabina said...

here's a tip for ya...steer clear of the locker rooms! I do that, because I'm scared of being unduly traumatized by people who have no hyaat. ya heard?