Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Am Proud To Be Canadian

Something remarkable happened last night. A government fell. A nation changed its rulers. And not a single bullet was fired.

When Paul Martin lost, his lifelong ambition to be Prime Minister in ruins, he graciously took to the podium, and congratulated Stephen Harper on his win. He outlined what he felt were his government's accomplishments, before dutifully stepping aside as leader, putting party, and country, first.

When Stephen Harper took to the stage, realizing a dream for many, he congratulated Paul Martin for his many years in service of his country.

The two may be different, they may have different ideas for Canada, they may have fought a long and tough campaign, but in the end they are both patriots and placed honour and country first.

Contrast this to Bangladesh, where the losing party always berates corruption, accuses an impartial caretaker government of fraud and vote rigging, encourages its youth wing to run loose in the city and cause mayhem, forces a general strike causing hardships to all, and then abstain from attending parliament and providing a meaningful opposition. They don't have to look far for inspiration, neighbouring India was the picture of grace when Vajpayee conceded the election to Sonia Gandhi's Congress.

Yes, today, I am proud to be a Canadian. There is much to learn for the world from Canadians.



AT said...

I actually ended up voting for the conservatives to stop Tom Wappel but he won easily anyway.

Nevertheless, I had that itchy feeling in my mind the all day as I voted for a party with whom i agree very little...However, after watching Harper's speech at 2 AM, I actually felt good because I saw him as a very strong and promising leader. He portrayed himself as a moderate and tolerant. It was very nice to see the way he talked about Canadian unity and patriotism. I liked the way he thanked us the Ontarians. I have been searching for such compassion on Canadian identity among leaders and Harper actually most probably the one, who is going to offer that. He even ended up with an American style "God Bless Canada." :)

Anyways, I liked how the conservatives took away votes from the bloc...:)

If the conservative can maintain whole term, we would find a conservative majority government in the next election. However, I believe that the parliament will break down within 2 years. Then, if the Liberals can find a good leader and unite the party once again, the Liberals would be back in power. Nevertheless, I would like to see Conservatives in power and how they do...

By the way, Bangladesh has an autocratic government. The democracy failed on 1974, when Bangabandhu moved towards communism. After that Bangladesh has never had a democratic government.

Anonymous said...

You can’t compare or expect it from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi democracy has established for 3 terms of election and still the process of democracy are poor and childish. There is a saying in bd, “Winners takes all”. Oppositions are always suffering. They have no contribution on the assembly. Bangladesh has only electoral democracy and ruling party is trying to ruin that one too these days. So it will take time to learn the way Canadian politics you’ve seen. Yah… We’re all proud to be Canadians.


mezba said...

Arnab, yes Wappel ended up winning easily. I feel Scarborough Liberals (who are really Conservatives) will never be out of power until they realize. Atleast ours, Derek Lee, is a good guy.

I felt Martin's speech was the best I heard him give in a long time. Did you notice he didn't stutter. It was as if finally he could say what he really wanted to say, and it came from the heart. This was how he should have ruled, campaigned. Even though I didn't like the way he ousted Chretein, today, a part of me felt sad by the way all his dreams and ambitions have crumbled around him. Gordon Brown of UK, take note. Hubris is a dangerous thing.

I was glad at how Harper addressed the nation. He looked like a PM. If he is smart, he will reach out to the cities that have shut Tories out (TO, Vanc, Mntl) and help fund major projects (like expanding subways, roads, etc.) - as these cities usually hold the key to a majority. If you really look at it one way, all that happened in the election was that Tories won 20 more seats than before. I would hope in the future an alliance could happen that would wipe out the Bloc in Quebec.

Jashim, I know Bangladesh is a young democracy but sometimes the quibbling and childishness and selfishness is too much. Not a single MP has paid their telephone bill!!! In Canada, no matter how much corruption a politician is indulged in, he never harms Canada. In Bangladesh, the country and the people the MP are representing never figures on priorities.

Girl Yada said...

I wonder just wonder ... we (Pakistan and Bangladesh) were better off with being the part of India. It's just a thought but as history taught us a lesson no matter how bitter they are. Anyway we can't go back but can look forward by hoping someday Pakistan n Bangladesh have a Democracy. As Democracy can only save our poor countires going into further plight then it is already.

AT said...

Did u check that Toronto's Mayor has shown concern over Conservative's policies on cities. He particularly mentioned the daycare.

Yes, Martin was amazing. It got very emotional when he decided to step down. I personally have no complain against Martin. He, in a marvellous way improved our economy when he was a finance minister.

Even Gomery didn't accuse Martin for his involvement into this whole corruption business. However, it's politics, if a member of your party steal, each and everyone of that party would have to carry that burden.

He is a great leader, it's just people in the Liberal party got divided. One side was supporting Martin and other was supporting Chretien.

I hope the Liberal party unites and come back to power.