Friday, May 13, 2005

Wonderland With BSA

Just returned from a Wonderland day, spent there courtesy BSA. Like last year, this time I, too, was in charge of organization. The procedure was a little different. Last year we collected money before hand, and Wonderland gave us the tickets on the day, so I had to wait in line at Guest services before 10 am and everyone had to wait for me. This year Wonderland had emailed me the tickets beforehand, so we were able to get in early, and I paid Wonderland later (around evening when we were all taking a break).

The weather was very cold (last year we had 25 and sunny, this year was 4 and there were hails at one time, though it was mostly clear). However we still had fun. I had dressed for the weather, as did Rakeeb (who judiciously sent me weather updates the night before). The lines were non-existent (a very distinct advantage in coming on a weekday before schools open), and we went on all rides that we wanted to.

Right now very tired. Tomorrow will probably wake up with a headache, bruises and other 'hangover' symptoms.

The grand "Before" picture

At Tomb Raider Ride

St Abeer & The Dragon

All on the Psychlone

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