Monday, May 30, 2005

Miss Canada is Miss Universe 2005

Natalie Glebova of Toronto was crowned Miss Universe 2005 just some time ago in Thailand. I first heard the news from Behbood, who jovially gave me a running commentary on her win - "it was tough but she hung in there man!".

This morning, while taking a break at the Office, I was looking over the Miss Universe website with a colleague. I don't know why we looked at the site, I think I was making fun of the national costume that Miss Canada wore. It was a really outlandish something, with a really big headwear full of feathers. My colleague remarked that was nothing like a national dress, a Leafs jersey would be more like it!

Anyways, even then I remarked that I expected her to make the top ten. She is really pretty. The other girl I thought was pretty was the Miss India. And then Miss Canada wins it.

As of this moment the Miss Universe site seems to have crashed.

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