Monday, May 02, 2016

Which TTC Seat is the best?

I have been travelling in Toronto using the "better way" aka the subway aka TTC for the last 3 years. Since I get on at the end of the line, I have a whole empty subway train in the morning to select from as to where to sear. It's a debate that has often plagued me - am I using the best seat for optimum comfort? I present to you the options.

This is the typical layout of a Toronto subway train on the Bloor-Danforth line. A group of 5 seats in close proximity to each other.

Seat A - Good if you are a thin person (I am not). You have a whole side to lean against (on your left), so you can simply cozy up and sleep.

Seat B - Really tight. Sometimes someone like me seats in Seat A, so they are really occupying a little portion of Seat B. Then you really have 80% of Seat B. And a pillar. This is the worst seat.

Seat C - I like this seat. The empty space between this and Seat D means lots of space if you are not exactly thin. The pillar prevents the person in Seat B from occupying your space. The best seat, in my opinion.

Seat D - Once again you have a whole wall to lean on. But your leg space is tightly cramped first by person in Seat C, and second from the heating duct at the bottom. So you have a full seat till your waist, and then three quarters of a place to put your legs down. This is a seat for thin girls.

Seat E - the back up seat to Seat C. You have a whole space on the left of the seat (or right if it's on the other side) to stretch out. There's a pillar to rest your head on (not shown in this picture).

What do you think? Which seat is best?

Remember, the target is to peacefully sleep like this:

So if you know which door to enter from when the train comes to a stop, you can go grab your seat.

As a bonus, here's the seats on the smaller Scarborough RT.

The Scarborough RT's a really short ride to fall asleep (plus it's Scarborough so you really want to be awake) but I think in this case, seat C is the best. You have this whole space between the seats, so it's not just the seat, but more, and a pillar to ward off other encroachers. Good seat design.


Puneeta said...

What a controversial article, Mezbah!!!! It's a touchy topic in our home. I have to say I prefer seat C for many reasons but mostly because my 5 yo can stand in front of me and hold on to the bar. And have a little bit of space to move around. My 10 yo rejects Seat A regardless because the partition "usually smells." I guess our criteria differs :)

Nisha Pawar said...

As a mom probably seat C would suit me as my little one could hold the pole if she wanted to stand

Dixya said...

very interesting. i dont use public transportation here in dallas so im really intrigued.

Salma said...

I would pick either of the aisle seats. I feel constrained when I'm not in the isle :)

mezba said...

Puneeta, lol about rejecting seat A. I guess it's the most commonly used one, so it might smell!

Nisha, when I travel with my son we usually go D and E.

Dixya, welcome to this blog.

Salma, me too.