Monday, January 09, 2012

Wife Space

Wife to Husband: We need a new wardrobe. All our wardrobes are so small. I need some where to store my new clothes. Right now they are all in a box. We need a new wardrobe. A big one. Are you listening to me?

Husband dutifully goes out with wife and together they select a new wardrobe. Husband lugs the furniture back to their place and spends the weekend assembling it.

Husband (proudly displaying the assembled wardrobe to wife): What do you think?

Wife: Hmm ... it's too big.



Anonymous said...


A real life alternative version of the wardrobe discussion....

Husband: We hardly have space to keep more clothes and i dont want to buy a new wardrobe

Wife: Ok

6 months later, (after wife has bought 20 more clothes costing more than a large wardrobe) )...

Wife: See, I saved our money by not buying a new wardrobe !

nadia said...

Women have the right to change their minds at any given time. If your wife thinks it too big, then it's simply too big. But I'm sure she appreciates the effort you put into assembling it.

Oh, and please tell her I said hi :)

mezba said...

Women! the enigma that even Einstein said was the most complicated puzzle.

Mystic said...

Welcome to club Sir!

mezba said...

lol.. which club?