Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why Muslims Should (Not) Vote (Democrat)

Today, all the Facebook statuses of my politically active American friends are encouraging everyone to go out and vote. "Make your voice count!" They say. And most of them are recommending the Democrats.

It's not hard to see why someone would prefer the Democrats. The alternate (Republican/Tea Party) are vehemently anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-racist by their acts, views and opinions. America today is a sad country, and a terrible place to be a Muslim. But, and this is a strong reason, are you really making your voice count if you are voting a Democrat, just to stop the Republicans?

In Nevada, for example, you have to vote for Harry Reid, the Democrat leader, who said publicly he does not want the mosque in New York to be built. And I ask, what is the difference between him and a Republican?

In fact, the very pathetic condition of the US political system is that you really have only two choices, Democrat and Republican, who are not really very different. And for Muslims, the outlook is worse. The Republicans hate you and will never benefit you, while the Democrats know you will vote for them regardless, and therefore doesn't court you for support.

So, if you really want to make your voice count, make an honest vote. If your Democrat candidate has truly spoken out supporting Muslims and supporting issues you care about, then vote for him (or her). However, if your Democrat has also joined the Republicans in opposing Muslim interests, or not taken any action on issues you care about, don't vote for that candidate. Make the candidate feel (write a letter or email) as to why you did not vote for that person. The candidates should know that your vote has to be earned. There's a bunch of other candidates running (who may not have a chance of winning) but would appreciate your support (and if there's no one, don't vote).

You as a Muslim are not responsible for changing the world for the better, you as a Muslim are only responsible for making an effort to do so. Success (and failure) comes from Allah.

Don't fear the Republicans. They can do what they want, they can plan what they will, Allah is the Best of planners. Muslims have been there long before them and Muslims will be there long after they are burning in Hell.

And, in case they really take America down the drain, you can always move to Canada. We have a real political system. And health care.


Organica said...

Nice post!

Shyamal said...

Hi Mezba,

Just read your post. Some of the points you made are quite good. However, a few things kind of threw me off a bit. You said - Republican/Tea Party are .... anti-racist ..... views and opinions. Did you mean to call them anti-racist, or was it a typo?

Also, I think - we should never generalize anyone. There are good and bad people in the Republican Party, just as is the case with the Democrats. We don't know each and everyone in the Republican party, so it would be somewhat stereotypical and unfair of us to paint them all with a broad brush-stroke. Also, I would assume - most of the black and hispanic republicans are not racist and anti-immigrants themselves. However, I do agree that most of the publications that come our from the general Republican Party - seems pretty racist and anti-immigrant, but that still doesn't justify calling all Republicans racist or anti-immigrant.

Also, I am not sure if we should be saying anything like - "Muslims will be there long after they (Republicans) are burning in Hell". It is up to Allah, and only Allah to decide who burns in hell (whether they are Muslims or not). So, for any of us to declare such a judgment/scenario by ourselves - would be bordering on Shirk, don't you think? Of course - I could be very wrong in my observation - due to my limited knowledge on this subject, but I just thought - we should be extremely careful on making any comments on who gets what punishment as it is not up to us to decide, and Allah's judgment may be completely different from what we seem to think would happen.



Anonymous said...

I disagree. American Muslims have to vote for the lesser of two evils and if you live in the US and have been following up with the news, the Republicans show themselves to be unlikeable towards Muslims. I don't know if there are any good Republicans but if there are any, I cannot but feel hurt that they are under the umbrella of Republicans. A vote for any of them will only give victory for the party and make them stronger to oppose anything that has to deal with Muslims. It is the majority of Democrats that stood up for Muslims and we should applaud them by voting for them even if there are several people who display opposition to something that has to do with Muslims.

Azra S. said...

I'm sure this makes you happy to be Canadian?

Not to be all doom and gloom, but I don't see the USA coming back from all this drama... it's like with every decade, they regress instead of progress... well thats the view that we're getting on this side of the world anyway.

Azra S. said...

I'm sure this makes you happy to be Canadian?

Not to be all doom and gloom, but I don't see the USA coming back from all this drama... it's like with every decade, they regress instead of progress... well thats the view that we're getting on this side of the world anyway.

Nachida said...

In general a nice post. However, I think when we demonize Republicans we tend to demonize everyone; however, stereotyping hardly ever works. Not all Republicans are bad. I keep reminding myself of the governor of my state who stood up for Muslims & Arabs after the Fort Hood shooting on national TV (I've actually watched it for myself. In full disclosure he's also of Syrian Christian descent, but wouldn't know it from his name), but he is hardly ever mentioned anywhere. He's also a republican whose politics I hardly ever agree with (he is the one who brought DST to my state, making isha much much later in the summer *moan*), but at least he has my respect.

I hate it when ppl vote on straight party lines. To me, they are not really voting. Think about it, then vote for those who you feel will get the job done, regardless of party affiliation.

(Also, in my state the Libertarians are pretty popular and officially part of the state ballots, so it's a three party system here).

Anonymous said...


The problem with the Republicans is that they are not patriots. They don't really give a crap whether the US goes down the drain. Rich people are invested abroad anyways. Republicans are basically an extension of global corporate interest, which certainly do not align with US national interests.

The problem with SOME Democrats are the ones that are liberal elites who believe in a globalized world. They either work in govt, international bodies, finance, so some professorship somewhere on the coast. They are doing fine. They compete with their neighbors are who donated the most to kiva and how its "awesome". Or tend to their dog. They like the fact that people are getting laid off in the US because their counterpart in China is also doing "awesome".

That's about 5 percent of the population. Then consider the 10 percent crazy libertarians/crazy people who don't really need to be represented.

That leaves about 85 percent of the population not being represented at all.

We just need a 3rd party that puts the US first. For now we just have the Democrats who once in awhile, because of good 'ole Liberal guilt and nostalgia about Johnson and FDR and tries for a few weeks out of the year.

Muslims that are Republicans are just selfish Ayn Rand wannabes hiding behind "moral values", an anecdote here or there about what someone said once. or some other bullshit reason to vote for lower taxes.

BTW, Those are the same Muslims that voted for Bush.


Dave said...

An interesting post, but I too feel that the generalisations are maybe a bit much.

'Republicans hate us'.... the word 'hate' is a particularly powerful one & if this really were true I believe that the Islamic faith would be outlawed in the US.

Whilst they (Republicans) may not embrace all concepts of your ideology I still believe there is tolerance toward it by the majority of US citizens.

But as for Harry Reid not wanting the mosque to be built in New York, he may have reasons other than being 'anti-Muslim'...... maybe he doesn't want Muslims to be perceived as the bad guys or in a negative way. Maybe he believes some form of compromise may be a solution.... I think you have been a bit quick to judge large groups of people and maybe too much generalisation Mezba...

youngMuslimah said...

i like the last 2 paras! true- Allah is the best of all planners..

Anonymous said...

this is exactly the sentiment which reinforces the stereotype and hatred for Muslims in the west. The imperialistic attitude of Muslims.

Manhattan, which has 50 mosques , is not in any pressing need for a new mosque. Demand for mosque is clearly to thumb the nose at infidels who anyhow were taught a fine lesson by jihadis on 9-11.

And Canada is no big lover of muzzies either. You have no choice but to support it otherwise you will end you looking like an idiot because you chose to live there instead of islamic paradise called Bangladesh.

It is so lovely to see muslims hating western countries when not one of them would prefer to go back to their shit holes of a country.

Anonymous said...


How dare they name a dog with a muslim name.

mezba said...

@Organica, thanks.

@Shyamal bhai, yes that was supposed to be 'racist' and not 'anti-racist'.

I used to agree with most of the Republican Party policies - small government, lower taxes etc. However recently they have become very racist and are dominated by Tea Party politics. Some of the leaders of the Tea Party has several times uttered sayings that are anti-Muslim - for example instigating against Senator Ellison because he is Muslim. With the recent anti-Hispanic ads in Nevada, I am not sure how many Hispanic Republicans remain in that state, and if they do, I have to ask, why?

I don't mean Republicans will be burning in Hell. I think anyone who is bad will be burning in Hell. Yes, Allah does say He is the final judge but He is also a fair judge.

Allah's judgment may be completely different from what we seem to think would happen. Agree.

@Anon (4:24 pm), I don't think voting lesser of the two evils is commendable. Because first, it's short term thinking and you are still voting for an evil that way. Why not vote your conscience and vote for someone you agree with, rather than holding your nose and voting? For any group in USA to have political clout, they must a) not be taken for granted and b) get involved with ALL the political parties to show their votes (and dollars) matter.

By choosing Democrats by default the Muslim community in USA are hamstringing themselves.

So, if your local Democrat is good, then vote for that candidate. Else, vote otherwise. Or don't vote. Or run yourself.

@Azra, it makes me sad. Because Canada is next door to USA, what happens there affects us a great deal. We would rather have a progressive and prosperous America next door than a bigoted and conflicted one.

@Nachida, If the Republican candidate in your area is honest, good and fair, then you should vote for him if you agree with most of that person's policies. What I was trying to say is not to vote along party lines by default but to consider the options with a little bit more long term thinking. Muslims shouldn't also be SCARED into voting Democrats as a) they are really small minority so they can't affect outcomes in a big way and b) scaring is not right! One should have faith. (and also move to Canada if things get bad! :-D )

@Anon (3:33) I don't have TOO much indepth analysis of US politics (most of my knowledge is from Jon Stewart!) but I agree with most of what you say here. In the US, it seems both parties are so watered down that they are really the same choice. And it's a very capitalist society so the parties are just the two faces of the same corporate reality.

@Dave, what amazes me is that mosques in the US are not "supposed" to use Saudi funds, but the US military sees no problem in selling weapons to the Saudis to get the same funds!

I think you have been a bit quick to judge large groups of people and maybe too much generalisation Mezba

Valid point. As I said, my knowledge of US politics is not in depth but the point I was trying to make in the post is that one should not vote strictly on party lines, and definitely one should not always be scared into voting for one party by default. A person's vote should have a value.

@Young Muslimah, I knew you would!

@Anon (5:11): so what if there are 50,000 mosques rather than 50. I think those who want to see a "sign of thumbing one's nose at infidels" will see a sign regardless of any type of action.

And where did you get the idea in this post that Muslims are to hate the West. In the words of one of your compatriots, "go get a brain morans".

@Anon (5:16): And some Hindus in India were outraged by Valentine Cards, My Name Is Khan, India-Pakistan cricket series, etc. so what?

youngMuslimah said...

lol how could you tell? i was just feeling upset that day when i read your post-so it was like a reminder to me :)

mezba said...

@Young Muslimah, I now do not take politics seriously because the politicians can hardly match their rhetoric and people get easily taken in by their promises. Which is why I don't fear Republicans to vote Democrat, if I were a US citizen.