Monday, November 16, 2009

Family Dessert in Canada

A key activity in Canada is going for dessert.

Initially this was a somewhat strange activity for me. Mind you, in the Middle East, where I was brought up, it was as hot as hell, yet dessert places were hardly present in the 80s and 90s. If you wanted ice cream, you went to the local convenience store run by a guy from Kerala and got a Kwality bar.

So, in Canada, in the land of ice and snow, you actually got dressed, went to, and PAID to eat ice cream?

First, if you or a sibling is treating, you have to convince the parents to come. Typical desi father reaction would be: "What, PAY to eat ice cream? NO WAY! I will go to No Frills now, get that box, and we can mash some bananas in the blender..."

Of course then your dad would tell your mom that he is only going "for the family" and he will not eat "anything". But you notice he still eats less for dinner ...

So the family goes to the dessert place.

And then spend 20 minutes trying to explain the menu to those who haven't been there before.

"No, Moo La La is really good... and no, Forbidden Fruits doesn't have anything haram ..."

Then usually the sibling who is NOT treating decides he (or she) wants an extra order on the side because the other sibling is paying, so they will order a shake.

The food, when it comes all at once, silences everyone.

After all, no one does dessert and crepes and waffles like Canadians!

Even the parents decide it was indeed good and passes the "Parent Restaurant Test" - which is that the food is something they could not have made at home, is indeed good, and worth paying for.

If you have a wife, you will know that chocolates and ice cream for some reason is the cure to every problem.

And then the drive back home your dad thinks they should really open a place like this much closer to home.


Achelois said...

Oh and most men think that if they get their wives to eat chocolate they will get *something* :)


mezba said...

lol @Achelois! I am not the one to kiss and tell. :-P

Muslim Girl said...

Did you go to Demetres last night?? I was just about to go with my family too, we were at AMC watching a movie lol, but then we got dinner instead.

mezba said...

@Muslim Girl, yes, this place is Demetres.

Adventurous Ammena said...

yummy.. where did you go? I love demetres!!! its amazing!! cant wait to check it out when Im back in canada in January insha'Allah

mezba said...

@Adventurous Ammena, this one is Demetres!

I think it's still good and economical, and the end product is tasty.

Organica said...

Oh Lord! I hate you Mezba for posting this while I am at work :(

mezba said...

@Organica, cravings? LOL.

See, the list for your TO-DO things next time you are in Toronto gets bigger and bigger!

'liya said...

Don't forget the part where everyone eats of everyone's plates to try everything since it's family and all so no germs :D

I see the Demetries menu!

Abid said...

That menu is from demtre's isn't it?

I like dessert :)

nadia said...

Well now, the UAE has graduated from kwality ice cream to Baskin-Robbins :D

mezba said...

@'liya, it is indeed Demetries. And yes, we did finish each other's plates!

@Abid, they have this out west too? Good!

I like dessert :)

As a guy, I have to admit, I do too! Honest, I never cared for ice cream much, but I can't resist whipped cream.

@nadia, oh I think there has been lot of "graduation" in the UAE recently! ;-)

Abid said...

I just moved out west two months ago... I am a Mississaugan at heart!

Anonymous said...

aw how cute!
chocolate is an aphrodisiac you know :p

mezba said...

@Abid, ah, that makes sense now! But your blog is so descriptive of Vancouver, makes one think you have lived there for ages!

@Sunehra, hehehe... :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh God! Hmmm....I'm salivating! :) I think I better go get some ice-cream.

mezba said...

@Lat - an ice cream is always good!