Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Ten Days of Ramadan

You know it's the last 10 days of Ramadan when:

  • Half the people you know are saying, "Oh God I can't believe Ramadan is over already it was just yesterday it started ..."

  • The other half are saying, "I can't wait for Eid"!

  • Already the debate between Global Moonsighting and Local Moonsighting is being revisited.

  • People are ready to stay all night in the mosque to pray nafil prayers of Qiyam al Lail and then go home and sleep through the fard prayers of Fajr!

  • All university male students have by this time made a list of rankings of various mosques by the free iftars they provide. Apparently in Toronto the Islamic Foundation is leading with its delicious spread on Sundays.

  • Part time taraweeh attendees (the 8-rakat-ers) are making plans for which mosque they will attend on the night of the 27th.

  • All the mosques now urge you to do more good deeds (i.e. donate more).

  • Speaking of mosques, all of a sudden you start seeing blankets, pillows and sleeping bags in the praying area!

    Suroor said...

    I like this! ;)

    Solace said...

    Or when the women start with the preparations for Eid. Baking biscuits, planning the menu, etc.

    mezba said...

    Suroor: Any more you can think of is welcome. I (this blog) is on "ihtiqaf" till Eid! :-P

    ps. that reminds me - have to add to the list.

    Solace: Good one!

    'liya said...

    Haha when we were kids we`d take our blankets and pillows because my parents would spend all night there, it was quite the adventure :D

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, I haven't bought my Eid bangles yet! :D

    mona said...

    :-) Good one.

    tee dimensionist said...

    Lol, this was funny!

    I hope your last days of Ramadan are filled with God's love and blessings!

    Adventurous Ammena said...

    lol.. cute :) and oh so true :D I went to IMO a few years ago.. they had a good spread masha'allah