Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quebec City - Day 2

Bonjour! Bonjour!

Everyone here is so polite! Random people walking up the street greet you with "Good Day" or "Good Evening" and smile at you. Must be something in the French food.Montmorency Falls is a treat. You start at the base, and take a cable car to the top, riding adjacent to the falls. At the top of the ledge is a suspension bridge that goes over the falls.For some reason, there was lot of old cars parked next to the bridge at the top (another road leads you to the top of the falls). There seemed to be some festival going on (it is Quebec's 400th year after all).

Now it was time to visit the famous old walled city of Old Quebec.This is the famous Chateau Frontenac (Fairmont Hotel). It is a distinct landmark of Old Quebec and is still fully functional as a hotel, running for hundreds of years. We saw a whole lot of limos leave the hotel at one time - someone told us it was the Prime Minister and his entourage who had stayed to mark Quebec's founding day.Then, it was time for a horse ride.Old Quebec is beautiful. You are transported back to the 17th century, those old narrow stone streets, the cobbled together houses, the brightly painted signs ... ah, bliss!They had some street performances (we couldn't make head or tail out of it - the French appear a very artsy type of people). The weather is really nice. Tomorrow, we do a bit more of Old Quebec before heading for a surprise.

(Photos courtesy: Max)


'liya said...

Bonjour! Hehe, nice! And you went at a great time too, with the festivals going on.

I was in Quebec last year, it really is so beautiful.. seems like a different world from Toronto :D

Suroor said...

Beautiful place

brainsmoke said...

The last time I was in QC, I got the desi version of the tour :) That first pic is so beautiful. The way you described Old Quebec, sound a lot like old Montreal, street performers and all.

mezba said...

Liya: we did! Just the first day's weather was awful - poured and poured and we pretty much wasted a day. It really is very different from Toronto.

Suroor: indeed - also Quebec City is the oldest walled city in North America (as far as I know).

Brainsmoke: I stopped at Montreal on the way back and I am shocked really at how dirty and grimy the whole city seemed to have become!