Monday, May 12, 2008

Sex and the City - Rant 1

What's the big deal with Sex and the City? I mean, Brian Griffin (Family Guy) apparently summed it up best after watching it with some gay friends: "... so it's a show about three hookers and their mom?"

I admit I watched a few episodes - no, I didn't follow it - just watched it when I switched on the TV and it happened to be on. It's a funny, witty show but if you listen to women everywhere, it has been made out to be some ... Movement ... something bigger than what it is, really.

At it's heart, Sex and the City is no feminist manna - the girls are obsessed with guys and their life is defined by who can successfully get which guy, and if all else fails, you can cure your heartache by buying an expensive pair of stilettos.

For me, Friends was more of a realistic portrait of 30-somethings who are single or leading single life. At least they didn't pretend to be happy and proud of their "love life is DOA" at 30.

In the end, Sex and the City is just another TV show, more often than not funny and entertaining, but just a show nevertheless. It is not meant to be an ideal of how 'professional' women should be.

For pure fun, take a look at the Sex and the Matrix parody.


Anonymous said...

For me, Sex and the City doesnt make a sense either. I just think it's not all about a real woman should and can be.
This show misrepresents and humiliates women..

Anisa said...

it is a fabulous show! it is my favorite show ever. nobody said it had to be realistic...but as someone who used to live in "a big city," it's a lot more realistic than many would like to believe.

i'm not sure how it humiliates women...they are in charge of their lives and making their own decisions.

'liya said...

Where did my comment go!?

Anonymous said...

sex and the city will never make sense to most men
just like how most women will never understand why a guy can watch a show which has nothing but closeups of cars they will never own.

Sex in the city is not just about single women and their lifestyle. Its a package. It has great clothes, shoes, humour, actresses we like, romance, humour, some feminism, some gossip, analyzing men etc etc.
Its basically a show, where women feel as if they're just chilling with their friends and drinking coffee.
It takes away the reality and hardships of the average single women, and keeps all the good stuff. There are some heartbreaking moments, but overall, it concentrates alot on humour and the positive aspects of single life in the city.

Conclusion: its a feel good show which you don't have to analyze to hard to enjoy.
P.s. Yes I am going to the movie and I plan to wear my stilettos :)

Aisha said...

Well I never watched the show, but it is a chick show so maybe thats why girls seem to love it more so ya know?

Aisha said...

Because my husband can't understand why I love gilmore girls. the show drives him mad, lol. But I loev it!

Anonymous said...

I think its pretty dumb. They pretend to be all in charge of their lives, but they are helpless when it comes to guys, obsessed with superficial stuff,and cry when they get dumped.

isheeta said...

Sex And The City *is* to women what cars/women/video games/steak/sports/cricket/soccer/Baywatch/Star Wars/Star Trek/UFC/cosmo mags/girls in sexy clothes/girls in shalwars/girls period/every tech toy out there ... *is* to men.

it IS funny.
it IS about *every* single woman out there ... in North America, Europe, even in desi world (where youre not milking cows as a day job).
it is about every woman out there who aren't getting what they want from their husbands/boyfriends/significant others.. even if they say they are.
my married friends love it.
my single gfs love it.
guys Ive dated love it.
guys ive hated love it.
even autijis love it.
it's the women's "Entourage".

Those women at SATC should be presidents!!!

lol... cheer up, its JUST a show. The premiere falls on such an auspicious day!

Anonymous said...

Hey,it's one of my fav shows out there. As someone mentioned it , it got style,fashion, shoes(drool). Women in control of their lives, they work, juggle motherhood,go thru crappy stuff that happens in life, what's not to love??? Well, unless they were cheerleaders at the baseball/basketball/cricket game, i guess :( sf

Molly said...

I think its an example of exactly how whorish American culture is.

The antidote said...

o another torontonian, sorry this comment has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but i was just thrilled to find another canadian

'liya said...

I keep hearing about this movie from every girl I know!

I've never been interested in the show. Watched it once and thought it was ridicuous. Maybe I'm just not a normal girl :S

mezba said...

Thank you for all the comments.

I know reviews have been mixed about the movie - but it made a whole lot of money, and now people are gonna buy all the dresses / purses / shoes in the movie!


I pity husbands everywhere!


Sumera said...

I gave SITC a shot. But hated it, it was stupid - 4 losers and their sex romps. boo hoo, if they kept their legs closed they wouldnt end up with complete idiots for boyfriends.

mezba said...

I didn't hear too many good stuff about the movie!