Wednesday, March 12, 2008

But Honey, Dubai is A Shopper's Paradise!

From the construction site that is Dubai:
A newly-married couple came back from the brink after a folly on the part of the groom nearly rocked their wedding bliss.

The 22-year-old woman had sought divorce after her husband allegedly abandoned her in a shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, went home and slept for at least six hours and woke up to remember that he had left his wife unaccompanied in the mall.

Apparently, the man only realized his folly when his mother asked where his wife was.
Hmm ... maybe this guy was onto something. Maybe his memory wasn't so bad after all. But then why did his mother remind him to pick up her daughter-in-law?

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

(because the mother-in-law was also a bride, sometime).

As an aside, I find it interesting that the wife was immediately asking for divorce. For all the stereotype image of the oppressed Arab women, divorce in the Arab world is actually very high (close to 50%!) and many of such cases initiated by women.


'liya said...

Maybe he "abandoned" her without his credit cards and that's what sealed the divorce deal. I wouldn't mind being left at the mall for 6 hours, providing I had some source of payment (preferably someone else's cash) :D

Molly said...

did he at least leave the credit card with her?

I wouldn't have gotten mad, I would have gotten a new wardrobe.

Organic-Muslimah said...

I wouldn't even notice that my husband had forgotten me. I would just rave about all the great deals I found.

But on a serious note, how can someone forget a wife? Who would iron his shirts or cook his food (questions totally in Haleem's head right now).

Haleem said...

Maybe he burnt a hole in his shirt! She's lucky he didn't "forgetfully" get married again! lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with you ladies, I wouldn't even have noticed him gone, just leave me with enough cash and go sleep for 100 hrs if you want,hehehehe!
Was the wife *new* in that country??? And how could he just leave her there with arranging time, contact numbers etc, lol, I would have *demanded* some shopping for his *mistake*. sf

mousehunter said...

LOL...I was thinking the same thing as liya. All the shops none of the cash or credit :) I see all the ladies are in agreement that when it comes to shopping a husband is only good for carrying the goods :)

Or maybe the mall closed!! And she had no cell phone :S

luckyfatima said...

crazy stuff. sounds like the UAE.

sonia said...

i think 'liya makes the good point! surely the woman would be pleased to have all that time to shop...and the poor man was sleeping!

mezba said...

Liya: haha what I find surprising is how she did not know her husband's contact number - exactly how "new" was she?

Molly: you know, some wives WOULD want their husbands to disappear - to let them shop in peace!

Organic Muslimah: one also has to question how could he go to sleep - did he not realize his bed was now "empty"? Or maybe he had another wife? lol

Haleem: haha

Sf: ya I know! hopefully he at least saw her face so remembered what she looked like!

Mousehunter: if someone left me in a book store I wouldn't mind spending some quality time there too! I wouldn't even know if anyone was missing.

Luckyfatima: true Dubai lifestyle.

Sonia: I would do a followup and see if this happens often!