Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Transformers - 4.5/5

GM had this Chevy Transformers Night last night. Free movie premier (at a drive-in), plus food, drinks and entertainment at the Docks for Chevy owners only. Enter the Mousehunter, who got a couple of free tickets to the event and generously invited me and another friend to accompany him.

Performers at the event.

The Movie Review

Transformers was meant to be a summer blockbuster and it was. It was like sitting in a Formula 1 car. Who cares where the car is going, how's the weather outside and what color the car is - as long as the ride is fast, good and exhilarating, that's all that matters. That's the movie for you - it's great fun, complete entertainment, fully worth seeing on the big screen. Overall - 4.5 out of 5.

There was a plot of some sort. There was a hot girl (very hot). The pace was good and fast - at no time did the film lag or I fidget in my seat (well, except craning my neck in the seat to get a better view out of a side window at times :-p).

The drive-in area.

The Action

With lots of money to burn, you expect the action to be good - and it was - for the most part. The attack on an army base, the desert scenes, the fights in LA and the chases - all choreographed well. When the robots were fighting each other though, it was all a blur. All you see is confusing motion. You don't even know what's happening and then it's all over.

The Transformers

I was a bit disappointed with the transformation sequence. Where's the cool slo-mo of the car/truck/plane-to-robot? It was all a blur. Suddenly they start whizzing and pop! - you have a 20-feet robot. It looked too-CGI and not realistic enough. The robots, I am sad to say, looked more bits-and-pieces than a solid piece.

The old (better, IMO) Optimus vs the new (supposedly slicker) version.

The Fun Factor

Some of the script was really funny. The movie never failed to entertain even for a moment, and even though there were shades of patriotic themes (it's released on the 4th of July weekend after all), it wasn't 'over the head' and in-your-face, you could suspend your senses and enjoy it all.

The Nostalgia Factor


Enough said. Go see the movie already.

My prize for winning the Tribond Tuesdays Competition. Thanx again, Mousehunter.

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mousehunter said...

MUCH BETTER review than what I posted..hehe. Like said, I'm not good at movie reviews. I agree with what you said. Regarding the tranformation sequence, my fav part was when Starscream kept transforming over and over again mid flight, that was cool.

My nostalgic moment (and it helped that the Optimus's voice is the same guy from the cartoons):

"Autobots...ROLL OUT"

Snowdrops said...

Overall - 4.5 out of 5.

where did the other 0.5 go?

the new version of Optimus looks like bits of meal stuck to a robot shape magnet. gah.

Ahmed said...

Nice review....but I'd give it a 4 at most...I think I let my expectations get too high perhaps. I wanted to see more Megatron....and Teletron 1....and more leadership and planning from both sides...the story took a long time to really develop but was pretty short in its resolution.

'liya said...

Um.. I have no idea what "I AM OPTIMUS PRIME!!!" means.. (or what these movies are about), all I know is that V said it a couple of times when I saw him on Wednesday, (he had seen the movie the day before that with his brother), and I thought he was being really weird.


Athena said...

lol I have the same mouse.

AKA said...

Thank you muchly for not putting any spoliers!!! I have yet to see the movie - everyone either doesn't want to see it or has already seen it. Where was I? Writing papers and trying to maintain my sanity. I've been waiting for this movie for so long. Great review!

Anonymous said...

Guys since you love *machines/cars* , you should also go to the Grand Prix @lakeshore(CNE). sf

mousehunter said...

sf...ooohh, this will be the second consecutive year I'm missing it! Last year was due to the World Cup, and this year, just can't afford it. Inshallah next year!

mezba said...

Mousehunter: Agree with you on Star scream. I actually went today to walmart and they had his toy, full transformation like the movie - $79! Optimus prime was there too - I nearly bought it! Just barely controlled myself.

Snowdrops: the 0.5 went out because the transformation sequence wasn't that cool.

Ahmed: Thanx. I agree that there wasn't too much in the beginning but they actually set up the story properly. I usually give a movie high rating if at any time I am not bored, but engrossed in the movie.

Liya: I think I like V already!

Athena: haha ok I will ask you a couple of questions about the mouse then.

AKA: Ya, I had to take care not to give any spoilers, lol, I read some reviews that would just give it all (even Indian movies) and it would royally piss me off! Good luck on your paper. Do see the movie and we can compare notes then.

Sf: Ah, the race formerly known as Molson Indy! You know I have never been?

Mousehunter: I figured you would go - you knew everything about cars, and so did J!

Anonymous said...

I have never been to that race too though I can hear *it* when it starts! @
It's so annoying, my youngest woke up earlier than usual and wouldn't take her afternoon, thank God it's finishing today arghhhhhh(hehehe,I know guys love it!)sf

mezba said...

Sf: I work downtown all the way near the Bay /Yonge and I COULD hear the engines roar!