Monday, May 08, 2006

Go Watch MI3

If you like action movies go watch Mission Impossible 3.

Ditto if you are a guy.

If you are a girl, Tom Cruise is in the movie. He's almost Shah Rukh Khan, right? Go watch the movie.

This was the perfect blockbuster to kickoff the summer (even if Toronto is going through a cold spell). Not once did I glance at the clock. Unlike MI-1, the plot is linear and not too complicated. It's basically an excuse to go from one action scene to the next. Unlike MI-2, the movie kept me at the edge of my seat and never lagged once. At one stage when Ethan Hunt (Cruise) was about to attempt another dangerous stunt I was like 'Bismillah Bismillah' before scolding myself 'Mezba - get a grip, it's just a movie, chill'. It was that absorbing.

I have often heard the phrase 'leave your brains at home' (usually in connection with some awful Govinda movies) but this is the first time I can say, you don't need to think too much. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Three points if you can guess which other famous movie the junior male spy (the other spy besides Ethan and the black dude) acted in. As well as the villain's female bodyguard, remember where you have seen her?

So yes, go and watch the movie.

Now, on the other hand, if you hate Tom Cruise ... well, you should know people disagree with my movie reviews. I hated Rang De Basanti and enjoyed Lord of War.



Aisha said...

Hubby just told me all his friends are raving about it. I dont know if Tommy boy is the "Shah Rukh" anymore, he's kinda like "Shah Rukh" in "Darr" Do you remember that movie? (k-k-k-kirrran?) So yeah me thinks Tom is k-k-k-krazee? So not that keen on him but I love Kerri Russel from Felicity days so might watch it just to support her career or what not :)

Jibonjatri said...

oh puhleaseeeeeeee! Tom Cruise is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the Shahukh KkkkkkKhan! lol

Anonymous said...

Mezba, how can you compare Tom Cruise and King Khan? SRK rules.



mezba said...

@Aisha: Your husband's friends are right. It is an amazing movie.

At times it's hard not to see Ethan Hunt and think Cruise, but you don't get too much opportunity to think.

Yup, I remember K-k-k-iran. And we actually knew a girl called Kiran back in the middle east during school years so guess what the guys used to do.

@MFH, Farah: I am NOT getting into that Cruise vs SRK debate.

Isheeta said...

I agree with aisha, tom has gone total nutso, and to girls shit like that can drive them away from movie halls. but if u say its good mezba... im holding u to it! i will go and check it out with my bros.

F.S.Kabir said...

so was it only me who thought his one big fat tear looked fake?:)

heheh i must admit, i quite liked the movie, crazy tom or not, and I knew I would because JJ Abrams (yay!! Alias!) directed it :)

and u're right, it was a good kick off for the summer movies --- X men 3, superman returns etc. about time some decent movies were made (last year's wedding crasher's excluded - that movie ROCKS!)