Sunday, September 25, 2005


With the remnants of hurricane Rita hitting Toronto, the weekend is shaping up to be a lousy one. Rain, rain and more rain. In the middle of it today (Sunday) there was a patch of sunshine just enough for me to grill some meat on the bbq.

Last (Saturday) night had a housewarming party in Brampton. One of the first families from our UAE batch to settle here in Toronto has recently moved to Brampton, around 50 kms away, and all were invited.

The great thing about Bengali family parties is you pretty much know what's going to happen. If you know the people you will have a good time. The uncles will sit around solving the world's problems, while the Aunties talk about who knows what ('janen bhabi, onar meyta na...'). The young people do pretty much what young people all over the world do.

Discuss Desperate Housewives.

It's amazing how that show has become the show to watch. I watched a couple of episodes but did not find any reason to continue watching. Nothing ahamori, as Bengalis say. I would rather watch half an hour of Raymond. Too bad Star Trek TNG does not run anymore.

There was also some NRBs (a Newly Returned (from) Bangladesh) at the party. Having gone through that stage myself last winter this was how it worked. Within your peers you find all sort of ways to put down your time in Bangladesh (after all it's hot, dusty, crowded, polluted, ..., etc.) - never mind that you have a good (no great) time over there, with no worries and being pampered by long lost relatives and waited upon hand and foot - it's just coooool to diss Bangladesh - don't ask me why I just follow the trends not make them.

"The ONLY thing I enjoyed most was the cheap DVDs. Imagine, the whole Godfather collection, for less than 2 bucks." That was me, back in January.

Then an uncle would step in, and claim all sort of ways of what Bangladesh has that Canada does not (never mind that he has never stepped foot back home in 30 years). You of course, have to balance the line of being a bhodro chele (well mannered young man) or standing up for your beliefs.

Thankfully the hostess of the party announces an end to all that by saying, "Ashen shobai, ektu dal bhat niye jaan (Dinner is served [in more verbose terms])".

And if it's one thing amongst Bangladeshis, come dinner time, all is moot.

"Ah aunty ei kabab ta ki shundor." (This kebab looks so good)



kuffir said...

biryani ? what kind of biryanis do bengalis eat ?

mezba said...

All sorts.

Murog (traditional chicken), mutton, beef, kachi, masrai (sweet chicken).

Bengali dishes tend to be less spicier than Pakistani/Indian dishes. We are more similar to the Eastern Indian dishes.