Saturday, April 23, 2005

Indoor BBQ

The BBQ that Rumana organized, which was supposed to be at Whitby park, ended up being inside Rumpa Apu's house, as it was pouring cats and dogs. Everyone had a good time, with some highlights including
  • Tauhud vs. Saima Apu - She is now the official head of "I Hate Tauhid" club, membership: 1.
  • A decision was taken to never let Ether make tea again. Salt instead of sugar just does not cut it.
  • I will never forget my camera again. And if I do, I will never inform Tauhid again.
  • Rifat's imitation of Ether, with the mention of the significant other (hint: it's not a guy).
  • Nafis's DJ-ing. The guy worked hard with the same cd for six hours.
  • Driving the kids (except one) from the basement.
  • The 'coming out' of Raj.
  • The "fine tuning of the Passat" tips.

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