Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 - My Year In Review

When I did my 2005 year review, I began with the statement that "2005 did not carry much significant milestones". Although nothing much happened in 2006 either, a lot occurred during the year that helped me grow and mature as a person.

Ya, whatever.

First up, January saw me go through a weird psychological experiment. I also got irritated at a person I know who keeps going for Hajj repeatedly (yes, he is there again this year)and I classified Bengali uncles watching cricket. The long time Liberal government of Canada fell.

February saw the now infamous cartoon controversy burst forth. When it first came out I thought it was a fantastic PR opportunity for the Muslim governments. My cousin was scolded by a Jamaican for having 3 kids with the same woman. February 21 was observed with style on MSN. I wrote about the challenges of organizing a brown ski trip, particularly if it involves asking ladies their weight.

An inspiring true love story was March's main post, as Bush tried to play cricket. I wrote about the Top 5 Cool Things About Being a Desi. A remarkable cricket game occured at the Wanderers. U of T put up Bornona, their signature annual show. I am sure you all remember what happened to my cousin when he tried to give us marital advice on the sly.

In April, I tried a bit of superstition to help Bangladesh win (again) against Australia, but it didn't work. An aunty sat in my car and listened to my song. The issue of 'lowly Asian' workers in the Middle East has always bugged me, so I wrote about it here. To this date that post has gotten the maximum comments (followed closely by my post criticizing Vivah, so I wonder where people's priorities lie).

If you toss this coin and call 'Heads' do you win? May also saw an insane Toronto transit strike.

If you are going to meet someone 'at the food court' (you know what I mean) you may want to read this. The world cup was on (I made some predictions - the best of which was France will beat Brazil) which led to lots of cars sporting flags. A survey said desis are really rude people, so I had to respond.

July saw me encounter a sad example of a man on the subway, while I read of a brave woman in Bangladesh. I listed reasons why guys should remain single. Italy won the world cup.

A truly hilarious conversation at a park, and I posted my Minebuster video. I saw KANK and it left me troubled.

Arriveth September. With zero experience of women, I decided I was the perfect guy to write about why guys and girls are different and girls really have it wrong. It's probably posts like those that are the reason why I continue to have zero experience with women. I went on a safari. I visited New York, and reflected on my TA experiences.

October saw Jack Straw comment on the veil, and I had to put my take on it. Dr Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize, and naturally I was very proud of him. As far as size goes, mine is this big (I am talking about laus, naturally). I maintain that Bengali husbands are the most hen pecked of the desi lot. This post was from the heart, an eventually won an award too.

In November I noted why being the first born has its unique perks and cons, joined Facebook, had lunch with a nurse, dissed Vivah, and decided I didn't want to go to Bangladesh for the break.

December, I won an award and read about why Indian wives could be unhappy. RIS was obviously the main event of December. I started with a reminder of things not to do, before I attended the event (recapped here and here). Highlight of RIS apart from the religious aspect: meeting a few other bloggers and blog readers.

And oh, I had a talk with my blog. She's doing fine now. We are still on speaking terms. She was a bit angry after I decided to call hot girls hot. Who am I to decide what girls should find offensive, I was told.

See you in a year.


Shovon said...

ever thought of writing short stories? not for your blog.
i think you would be good. Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shovon!

Eid Mubarak and a very happy new year!

Anonymous said...

2006 was pretty eventful, wouldn't you say?
I'm glad you and your blog are getting along well again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Fairly eventful year - again very interesting read and yep agree with Shovon 100%.

Personally for me the highlight of the year was the this interview.

Peter Mansbridge interview -

On pluralism, and bridge-building between the west and the Islamic world.


Saqi Namah said...

Too many links to follow but for now Eid Mubarak and happy new year. :)

Anonymous said...

Eid mubarak and a happy new year. The most eventful day for me in the year 2006 was having my second child on March,let's say, she "came in" with a BANG! :-) sf

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Belated Eid Mubarak to you and your family! Came accross your blog while reading've written some great stuff!! The convo you had with your blog was hilarious!! Wish you all the best for 2007! Take care

'liya said...

Looking forward to some good (funny) reads this year too :D

I hope you had a fun Eid/New Years!

mezba said...


I am writing a collection of short stories. Hopefully I will finish them soon and then will come the ordeal of finding a publisher. I also want to partner up with a few other budding writers if they like. If you know agents/publishers do send me contacts.

Khonika: Yes, and yes. HNY2U2.

mV: Mansbridge does have some interesting interviews. I find him very insightful.

Saqi, sf: thanx for the wishes, and all the best to you too.

Shireen, thanx and welcome to the blog.

Liya: I did! hope you had/have a great year too.

M&M said...

wow so many links which sent me to some of your older posts that I had forgotten about.

short stories eh, good luck!

Aisha said...

Wow. It maks me realize how much I read your blog when I've read pretty much all the posts you wrote. I vividly remember the repeat Hajj post. That is hilarious that he's there again. Does he read your blog?

Anonymous said...

It only took me all morning to get here.. for Google and Blogger to wake up and load. And I come and theres no post!

New year, new post, Mezbaaaaa (sung to the lyrical tune of mezba).

mezba said...

M&M: thanx.

Aisha: No, I don't think the hajji reads my blog, or even knows about it. Good!

Isheeta: sirf typing 'Mezbaaaaa' se kaam nehi chaalega.. thou shalt sing it on video... lol