Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Did You Say 'Heads'?

The new Canadian quarter. I got this amongst my change today. I wonder what would happen in a cricket match at the toss were you to use to this coin and call 'Heads'? If it lands as in the first picture, you win normally. However, if it lands as in the second picture, you did say Heads (with the plural). Are two heads better than one?

Did you say 'Heads'?



Nabeel said...

two heads are always better than one .. and if u win with two heads does it mean you get to bat twice?

Geeta said...

Quite few time I got Canadian quarters in change. Every time they say it’s same as the American one. Yeah for you but tell this to my washing machine. Hope this time they’ve made it exactly like the US one ;).

BTW how come the old quater is of bronze, I always ended up a silver one.