Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The Brass Crescent Award winners' list is out. I would like to thank everyone who voted, especially for me :-D - Jazaks!

I would like to share what happened when I first told my parents to go vote for me.

Dad: So, you have a blog?
Me: Yes.
Dad: What do you blog about?
Me: Um, nothing in particular really. Just-
Dad: Do you get paid for it?
Me: No, it's just a hobby.


Dad: So this award, what is it?
Me: It's for bloggers who write about Islam/Muslim issues.
Dad: What will it give you?
Me: Um, I don't know. Recognition, I guess. And respect.


Dad: Hmmm....

And then there was my mom.

Mom: You have a blog?
Me: Yes, it's-
Mom: Why didn't you tell me about it?
Me: Well, I didn't think-
Mom: What article was nominated?

[I show her. She reads.]

Mom: This is good.
Me: Than-
Mom: Why is anyone even running against you?
Me: No one's running. And there's thousands of better writers-
Mom: No one can write better than this.
Me: Not-
Mom: I am going to read all of your blog now.
Me: Uh, oh.

[30 min later, angry phone call]

Mom: You wrote here you have an accident?
Me: Um, yes, that was when-
Mom: You said it was nothing, someone just clipped your mirror.
Me: Well, hehe, not really but I-
Mom: You were lying to me. I always knew you drove too fast.
Me: No! I was just-
Mom: Did you say "Subhanalla Sakhara ..." 3 times before you started the car?
Me: Yes, I-
Mom: And you always put your music too loud.
Me: No, I-
Mom: I am very angry with you.



'liya said...



Congratulations, that's amazing on your winning! I'm surprised your mom didn't want to print it out and send it to all your relatives :) Oh wait, if she reads this comment then maybe she'll want to.. sorry!

You're supposed to say "Subhanalla Sakhara ..." 3 times? - I just say it once. No wonder I had MY car problem!

mezba said...

Thanks liya.

I don't think my mom reads my blog regularly now. Just pops in from time to time (I hope).

Maliha said...

that's hilarious! I get the same response from writing "so you get paid?"

"umm no."

Hobbies don't exist in third world-ers (and those w/ any associations thereof).

Mabrook though!

mezba said...

Maliha, thanx. And congrats to you too.

Aisha said...


Mom: I am going to read all of your blog now.
Me: Uh, oh.

I could not stop laughing. Seriously. That is awesome.

My mom and dad regularly read mine so I do think about them as I post. They just sigh and mention it and move on. I guess they're used to it now. LOL

Muslim Apple said...

Congrats on the award. I still haven't told my family or most of my close friends about my blog. And it's still weird to me when people I know begin a conversation with, "so I read on your blog that..."

Zehra said...

Wow, mubarak!!! I am so proud of you and you totally deserved it!! :)

Mango Addict said...

Congratulations!! How did your folks react when you told them you won? Or did you tell them for that matter? LOL

Anyway, here's hoping to more award-worthy posts in the future and enjoy :D

mezba said...

Aisha: thanx. Yes, I know they sometimes read now, but I don't really pay any attention to that fact. I post what I want :D

Muslim Apple: Thank you. Ya it will be wierd if more and more people I know in real life start talking to me like that. So far its only my friends who know about it. Sometimes I wish I started to blog anonymously. More freedom.


Zehra: Thanx.

Mango Addict: Thank you. I haven't told them yet. Will do so tonight,

mystic-soul said...

I love your dad's response. It was hilarious !!

isheeta said...

CONGRATS, mezba!!!!!

Oh my god, I thought my parents were a hoot, but yours takes the icing on the cake!! I think your mom is too cute!

Surror said...

Mabrook ya akhi! If it was one vote that did the magic (although I'm sure it wasn't ONE vote) please give the credit to me :) You know how much I read your blog!

BTW, I'm in love with your parents - officially.

Dil-E-Nadaan said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! (My parents are afraid I am going to have my "ruin my reputation in the community for discussing such controversial things" - thats what I get for not blogging anonymously)

koonj said...

yay! Congratulations, Mezba. And your parents are exactly like mine!

Em said...

Mabrook, Mez!! I'm so glad I checked the blog - am now at Dubai airport. Mezba the Great - I need your autograph, mate!

Anonymous said...

hey mez... congrats dude. You deserved it...

wait...let me laugh first... HAHAHAH HEHEHEH HAHAHA.. ok..feeling much better now.. well, I guess now you are going to be in a fix... wait till she reads about the posts where you mentioned about Iftaar parties and the discussions of people at those parties, shaadi proposals by uncles and aunties, your experiences at the gym, your personal encounter with revealing advertisements on the TTC buses etc etc. THEN my friend, you will hear silence on the western front... On the other hand, you should have shown her your political blog instead... she would have been so happy for you.

*I feel guilty saying all this, but then I am a desi too and I do know how to manipulate things when dealing with parents* :)


mezba said...

Mystic-soul: Thank you. As my dad would say, "hmmm". He is a big proponent of me wanting to do bigger things with my writing. Papa kehta hai bada naam karega kind of thing.

Isheeta: Thanks. Yes, I am the 'Raymond' from 'Everybody Loves Raymond' for my mother, even if I am the firstborn. Thank God she is nothing like Marie.

Suroor: You are officially acknowledged *hat tip* I am sure it was close, one of the great writers in the Muslim blogosphere, Baraka, was in that category too.

Dil-E-Nadaan: Thanx. Please continue "ruining your reputation". Your blog is great.

Koonj: Aw, thanx.

Em: I will keep one for you when you return. Have a safe trip and don't get caught up in any rallies :D Oh, and enjoy Dubai.

Behbood: Thank you. I don't think my folks discovered the archives *yet* (they hardly read comments so I am safe). Then they would read about the "tail and the baby monitor bhabi", the breast feeding mother in the park, the ....

BTW about desi manipulation, I can see I am in the presence of a master here. I am officially starting a petition for you, Behbood, to have your own blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL! we all got the same parents,and the scary part is become them and more! I remember back home I used to collect stamps,my mom thought it was just a waste of time until I told her that I might get money from selling some of them! LOL!
Anyway, when you become a parent inshallah, you will be surprised how much of your dad you got in you. :-)sf

khonika said...

Congrats Mezba!
I voted for you, I'm glad you won...

Shabina said...

lol! i remember the time when my folks started reading my blog. totally got called out for one of my speeding tickets, from my mom who was visiting cali when she read the post. alas.

congrats, btw!

Maleeha said...

Congrats Mezba! That was a great post. Hmm, I dont know if I would show my parents my blog. Probably not, but if they were to find it, I wouldnt mind. I rest assured though that they have no concept of what a "blog" is.

Your parents are too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Mez....I am seriously not a writer as you probably think I am. Infact, when it comes to penning something down, I am really worst at it. So, I think its better if I post my comments on your website and enjoy your posts :)

By the way, have you given MEZBA AWARDS a serious thought? I think u should for all the efforts some people take (be it in the classroom, be it the first thing in the morning, be it at airports, etc etc etc), it would be great for some devoted people to be recognized.


Abu Sinan said...

Congratulations on the award, and the conversations with the parents are priceless.

shaz said...

congrats! my mom hates that I have a blog! and my dad only recently found out, and he was quite interested, he even read a whole bunch of my posts!

Farah said...

Hey, congratulations on the award. That post deserved it.

Salacious Samosa said...

Mubarak Mezba!

I love this post! So funny.


saqi said...

Congrats again. It just shows that the boundries between your two worlds are breaking down!

The Bengali Fob said...

You told ure parents about your blog?!?!? LOL I love ure mum's reaction! Oh and what ure dad said about if ure being paid sounds exactly like what my mum said.. however, my mum hates the computer so she hasn't seen anything i've written.

Rezwan said...

Congratulations! You deserved it. Keep writing.

Rezwan said...


I don't know what my parents will think when they will read my blog!

samiha esha said...

congratsssssssssssssss :) though am the last one but congrats a lot :)

he he he :)


Samiha esha :)