Friday, December 08, 2006

A Chuckle, and A "Hmmm"

A couple of chuckle posts before I publish my mega rant that will leave (some) girls fuming (to put it mildly). The mega rant is called Why Desi Guys Go Back 'Home' To Marry. So before I do that (sometime after our halal-now-turning-into-makruh bachelor party), here's something to munch on.

First Chuckle: We bloggers really have too much free time. At least at 12.20 am when the rest of the world is sleeping, a doctor messages a systems analyst online. And this is the result.

Second Chuckle (well, not really but): If you are thinking of marrying an Indian man, you may want to read this.

(Maybe this is why Malaysian women prefer Bangladeshi men and not Indian boys)


Farah said...

Will reserve comments on the rant when you publish it (ps: friendly advice, its NEVER the girls' fault).

The first chuckle was cute. The second one was hilarious. On second thoughts, shouldn't Bangladeshi men be concerned as well? I love how the Beebs article ended.


Suroor said...

You won't believe it but I just posted on Indian men and their not so precious jewels!

And don't celebrate yet, we were all Indians once ;)

NAB said...

Not making yourself look too good here, Mebza. Bengalis and Indians are one and the same. Genes don't heed political boundaries. =)

mezba said...

Farah: I will post that rant sometime. Once I beef it up with a little research and make it more logical than just a rant of observations.

lol@the ending of the BBC article, Ya, the Maxim of India is now an expert!

Suroor: what can I say, great minds do think alike. It's due to the "school". I could post a really r-rated funny reply but will restrict myself :D

NAB: lol That's hitting below the belt :P ask Malaysians.

Aisha said...

Uh oh Mezba. Your impending post is leaving me angry already and I have not yet read it!!!!!!!!

Be careful mister. Lots of your readers of the gentler sex. :)

mezba said...

OK, Aisha maybe it's not the girls' faults per se.. but I am too lazy to edit this post now. Anyways, you will soon have the option to judge for yourself, but it won't come atleast for sometime - I have to do a bit more research to beef it up and make it palatable.

Now what if I change the title to How To Snare That Desi Man and Prevent Him From Marrying The Immigration Hungry Woman From 'Home'?

Nah, sounds like something on Cosmo.

isheeta said...

I think Im hungry for some bengali/indian men now. haha!

isheeta said...

PS.. about your impending post... I think I am familiar with the argument(s) that you will be proposing because I have heard it a few times from parents and family...given the context that you have said and you know what... theyre very valid. Its unfortunate, and I know you havent even said it mez, but thats how it is!

Dil-E-Nadaan said...

I already have a list of arguments against your impending post. So beware :)

On the other hand, chuckle number two made me laugh until tears. I might have to write an article on why Desi women prefer to marry non-desi men ;)

Sabrina said...

I was not going to comment because I made a promise about my finals and blogosphere, but taking a break... anyway.. But I had to comment

(And it's good humor, okay?)

SO the aritcle is HILARIOUS but address the "reason" for the huge problem of our Indian subcontinent...
Now I know EXACTLY why desi men (Indian and B'deshi & Pakis, too) are soooo threatened by women. Hey hey hey, it's not the women's education or her straight forward attitude, or her rebellion or her brains or her money... the problem is "there" (refer to the news article again).
So no matter what women do or don't do, these men are in general threatened, no matter what... since most men want to cover their weakness by their attitude, tadaaaa.. we see chauvinist all over the sub continent.
It's not the women that are the problem, the problem is "there".


Mezba bring on your writing about men going back home. I for one won't even be pissed because... just because!

mezba said...

Oh man! That rant hasn't even been posted yet ..


Isheeta: You are hungry for some desi men? You know, the other day one friend of mine saw your comment on a post of mine where you mentioned you like arcades. He told me "wow - this girl likes arcades, she is so my type!" I should direct him to you then lol. He is quite rich too.. drives a Lexus (and not an old one either :-P).

Dil-E-Nadaan: Ah, yes. I would love to read your take on it. Seems theres a lot of marriage related articles on our blogosphere recently.

Sabrina: I made you break your vow! No, my article is not to piss any one off (least of all GIRLS). Its just facts as I see it.

Anyways, can we please focus on the chuckles... please head over to Nowal's and comment!

mystic-soul said...


again hmmmm...

let me measure !!!

M&M said...

LOL. funny

as for your impending post, looking forward to it, i have always wondered why some guys prefer that, i have a few ideas.

Neena said...

Some company is messing up. You all guys use Male Locker Rooms, you know its not true :D.

isheeta said...

I knew a guy who had a lexus too... it was used, 1999+ and it used to breakdown every other week... poor thing!

I love arcades, I am the queen of air hockey, and the car/bike/skiing racetrack games! I love the Ak47 games as well.. only I suck at it cuz they are huge and my arms get tired of reloading weapons!

Tell your friend I know all about cars as well, I love going to car showrooms and telling them that I want to buy a new car, and then test driving, and then never coming back!

Now your friend is running for the hills lol

PS guess what?! Im planning to go to one of the RIS days!

Suroor said...

Mezba, please I really want to read the funny r-rated comment. Please!

Anonymous said...

I think men marry back *home* coz it's cheaper!!!!LOL
As for the bengali/indian race, arent't they the same?I could be wrong, but I somehow got this thing in my head that there was this great nation then it got divided into india,pakistan,bengal,srilanka and others(well, am not sure, but could someone correct me??) sf

mezba said...

Mystic-soul: I was always the biggest in my class ....

M&M: Yes, I am running into a few issues with my impending post, mostly personal. I don't have an idea when I want to post it, or if I will p/w protect it at the point. Let's see. I would love to hear your thoughts though.

Neena: Male locker rooms when we were growing up were a bit different than those here... lol

Isheeta: You are going to RIS? Maybe you will run into me. Give me a holler if you are going to be there.

Suroor: You know it was so good it was brilliant - and now I forgot it! I will email if I remember what it was.

Darn, I was so proud of myself when I thought of it too.

Sf: Oh no it's not cheaper in some sense- you gotta invite half the country now. Not to mention airfare and immigration costs....

Bengalis and Indians are VERY different - atleast as far as one fact is concerned.....that's the story and I am sticking by it.

Abu Sinan said...

I look forward to your impending post. I have taken issue with some bloggers on issues regarding this. The recent exchange with Samosa, whilst friendly, is a good example of that.

As to the relative size, or lack there of, of Indian tools, I posted that as well. It is so funny. I got a response talking about the well known large size of German tools. LOL!

Germans are known for their weapons and their work ethic. I guess in this case they would go well together.

The Bengali Fob said...

I'm waiting for the MEGA RANT!!! AHEM!!!