Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lunch With A Nurse

One of my friends got into nursing recently. The first time I met him, he was picking his major for the second year. I asked him what he was choosing.

"Nursing." He replied.

I did a double take. Nursing? A brown guy?

"I am not gay." That was his second statement. "Not that there's anything wrong with that ..."

Turns out he is actually quite smart. He wants to be a doctor, but since a lot of students don't get into med school on their first try, he decided to opt for nursing as his undergradute. If he got into med school, fine. If he didn't, he had an useful degree to actually work in the hospital and getting experience before trying again.

Not to mention the fact that over 90% of his fellow students were female. And probably 3% of the remaining 10 were gay, and 2.5% in relationships ....

So yesterday during lunch hour I popped over to his facility. What I saw boggled the mind.

The mock intensive care unit.

There was a whole hospital ward full of "patient"s and the nurses were busy caring for them round the clock.

"So, these are just for the ambience?" I asked him, poking one of the dummies in the eye.

F***! I nearly jumped out of my skin as the "patient" sat up and let out a low moan.

"Yo, these are 50K apiece!" My friend hurriedly pushed a few knobs on the bed.

Amazing. These dummies, each worth over 50,000 dollars, could actually simulate symptoms of most diseases, have heart attacks, even ask for water. If not cared for properly, they could even die. The Toronto Star even did a profile on this mock ward. The Star's article shows a picture of the mock maternity ward. The baby robot could cry, burp or even - and I don't know how but my friend said so - need a change of diapers.



NAB said...

no, we tend to have standardized patients for the most part. real patients, from the community, who volunteer to give us their story...and we try to unmuddle it.

however, for certain tech skills, like suturing, bag-mask ventilations, ABG measurements etc we have mannequins.

the latest was from this tues where we had a butt mannequin to practice DREs on.

good stuff.

~cupcake~ said...

That's crazy! I had no idea there were such things. Great blog, btw.

Tasneem said...

Wow! This is really interesting. I admire this guy, most guys would scoff when it coems to nursing, a friend actually suggested to me it was a sissy job, needless to say I put him in his place. But seriously, its hard for women to be in industries that are domianted by men, like engineering its nice to see that there is a reverse situation.

Anonymous said...

LOL!Male nurses,I think many pple get *shocked* when a straight brown/coloured guy goes into nursing. Yes, I did here about the dummies, but never actually saw one.I had a friend (female) who went into nursing and within some months she quit,she said it was too tough,the thing is,she one day realized that she couldn't handle the *horrors*(as she put it) of nursing. She used to tell me these stories that were really sad though,she would go home in tears,literally!

'liya said...

Wow, that's pretty crazy! I'd be scared too if I poked a dummy in the eye and got a response :D

Well I think it's fabulous that your friend is becoming a nurse. My sister is and shes says they definitely need more males out there. Plus that hot guy on 7th Heaven was one before I stopped watching!

Suroor said...

Please tell your friend I really admire him. OK?

The mock facility looks and sounds cute. My father imported/exported these dummies and they were awesome fun. They were doubled in a box and when you opened they'd sit up. That was scary. I loved them baby dolls and wanted one!

saqi namah said...

Mock Patients simulating diseases - creepy.

mezba said...

Nab: oooh butt mannequin and DREs? my respect for doctors and the tough job they do keeps going up all the time.

Cupcake: Thanks. I actually saw one of the patients due during a simulation. Quite an experience!

Tasneem: Ya, it's an interesting situation. But it's not easy at all, in fact some of the stuff I found quite mundane and repetitive - very manual tasks but needed nevertheless, I never knew how much work and diagnosis nurses themselves did.

sf: The basic trouble would be blood. Lot of people can't stand blood. Especially the sight of it on smashed bones (EMS people). Yuck!

Liya:Oh it was super shocking I nearly passed out. my friend didn't even warn me.

Suroor:Oh the mock ward was quite the thing! Even had a receptionist who checked us in - the whole shebang.

I will tell me friend he is now widely admired.

Saqi: Oh I wouldn't want to be marching down there in the middle of the night with lights out.

Aisha said...

OHHHH MAN. I soooo wish I had not seen that! I know I will now have nightmares. LOL That is crazy!!!!

Maleeha said...

Wow, that is really creepy (the dummies, not your nurse friend. Men going into nursing is totally awesome). Creepy but so cool.

singlemuslimah said...

Wow, that's amazing. I had no idea there was such a thing as "mock patients." Amazing.
And I so admire your friend for going to nursing school. A lot of men would balk at that. Good for him.

isheeta said...

As far as I'm concerned, that nursing dude will never have to worry about who to date or will never run out of choices for marriage. :D

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely hilarious - i just googled brown male nurse and this came up since i'm in the same boat. good post

mezba said...

Aisha: yea it's pretty sweet.

Maleeha: lol.

Singlemuslimah: Ya he's nearly done now.

Isheeta: hahahaha

Akbuuur: welcome to the blog.