Saturday, December 16, 2006


I have been tagged by Suroor. She wants to know six weird things about me. Hmm. My first weird thing is when I get tagged I change the rules of the tag. So let me tell you about the six weirdest things I have ever done.

1. WALKED down Blue Mountain. Yes, people go there to ski, usually. That was my plan. The very first time I went skiing, with a few other beginner friends, someone thought it would be a funny joke to tell us that black diamonds were the beginner trails. After getting sick of falling two seconds after spending five minutes trying to stand up, I took off my skis, swung them over my shoulder and walked, WALKED, down the hill. Took me three hours and 10 lbs, and I invented a lot of new swear words. Now of course I LOVE skiing.

2. Drove nine hours to Indianapolis. Right after spending the previous evening watching Star Wars Revenge of the Sith with friends till midnight, then playing cards and hanging out till 4 am, before catching just an hour's nap. I was the sole driver. Oh boy was I half hungover by the time we got to the Indy.

3. Decided not to go to an India-Pakistan game when they were playing in Toronto. If that wasn't crazy enough, it was that game. The one where Inzamam took a bat and went up the stands to beat up the fan who kept calling him "Aloo".

4. Prayed to avoid kissing a girl and almost kissed a guy. OK this deserves a bit more explanation.

I did a CPR certification while in college, when I volunteered for the local community, and part of my duties was supervision of the kids' swimming pool. So we are all paired up, and then the instructor starts talking about Mouth-to-Mouth-and-Nose Resuscitation, or the kiss-of-life. My partner was this blond girl, and then the instructor says there will be a practical at the end of the course.

It was at that stage in life where I avoided girls like the plague, and all of a sudden I have to touch, no, do MOUTH-TO-MOUTH to a girl? So I said a silent prayer.

And what happens, she misses the practical, and the instructor partners me with this Indian GUY. Holy shit.

Thankfully, we didn't have to do that practical, but the instructor had us say what we would do. Man was that guy ever graphic.

"I would first clean his nose way .... Vada vada vada... then I would put my mouth over his and cover his .... vada vada vada..."

And all the time I was thinking man if you were ever drowning in the pool and I knew I would have to give you the kiss of life to save you, I would rather you die...

5. Took a music course during university as a 'birdie' course. I think it was the same friend who told me black diamonds were easy that told me this course was smooth sailing.

We had a listening comprehension during the exam. They would play a piece and then ask you if the piece used four violins or five.

Thank God for the Chinese guy sitting in front of me ...

6. And the number 6 on the list of weird things I did...

Compiling a list of 5 other weird things I did and post them up on the web.

There! I don't usually tag people but seeing that these two would complete the set of prominent Canadian Bengali bloggers, I decided to tag Nowal and the Bengali Fob.


M&M said...


aww I am laughing at your miseries but they are funny. I do feel bad though.

driving 9 hrs on 1 hr of sleep :O. glad u made it to your destination in one piece. coffee?

quite a few of my friends claim music courses are bird courses, i suppose not.

'liya said...

Awww hehe .. ski story ... I think anyone that's ever gone skiing has some weird ones... skiing just seems to be one of those sports.

For the CPR course that I took we didn't actually have to put our mouth onto another, just close to it. For the exam we had dummies that we used for mouth to mouth. That's kinda germy that you actually had to do that, I didn't think they did that anymore :S

mezba said...

M&M: I exist to bring

Nah I don't drink coffee, only tea for me. And guess where you don't find good tea? the US of A. where Indianapolis is.

Liya: ya we didn't have dummies either (although some people came close to being one), just a vague description of what to do. Just don't drown when I am on duty and you'll be fine lol.

M&M said...

yaay tea all the way. lol (i dont drink coffee either, cappucino isnt bad though)

NAB said... out to make my life miserable, boy?! amake tag korar eto shahosh? hah.
accha, shall do that too. for you. :P

Mousehunter said...

All I have to say is, you went to the Indy?!? I'm jealous, who cares if you had 1 hour sleep! For the race its worth it. One question though, was it IRL or F1, or Nascar?!? The Brickyard is THE track!

Surror said...

Aww, you are soooo "kiyoot" and so weird!

So, you'd rather walk than ski; let an Indian man drown in the pool; drive dangerouly in half-sleep; cheat from a Chinese; and call Inzimam 'aloo'??? Haha! I'd do that too!

And that tag-e-Suroori is so romantic and so mughalai tandoori :)

Anonymous said...

mez -

watch what you write mate. your mom might be occasionally taking a peak on your blog and if she reads about your ski thingy and your US trip, this is what she will say:

Skii conversation

Mom: mezba beta.. you went skiing. On the mountain? Dont you know how dangerous it is? I know someone whose child went skiing and he fell down and broke his bones.

You: no maa..its not like that. i was it was not dangerous

Mom: Walking is more dangerous. What if someone was skiing so fast that he/she couldnt stop seeing you in their path? THEN?

You: speechless

US-trip conversation

Mom: Mezbaaaaa (in angry tone) went to USA on 1 hr sleep? and you drove alone?

You: i am young maa...fatigue doesnt catch up to me that easy

Mom: you know what happened to XXX's son? He met with the accident when coming from Brampton to Scarborough. That was in-town travelling and he met with accident. But you went to US in one hour sleep???

You: My friends were there too I was awake during the entire trip

Mom: I dont care. Those are not friends.. If they didnt split the driving journey, they are not your friends. That's it, I dont want them calling the house anymore.

You: speechless

This is just a sample excerpt of the interesting conversation that could happen. Hey, if your mom reads this, then you are in for a blast :)


isheeta said...

You WALKED down Blue Mountain?! Kudos dude, I think Id be sitting in a pile of snow and bawling my eyes out... an d you came out actually loving to ski! I dont know whats weirder... a guy who walked down BM, or a brown dude that loves skiing.. there is hope!

If you passed your music course... and Im assuming u went to U of t.... youre the smartest brown dude Ive come across!

Behbood - that was too funny! Have you met his mom already?!

mezba said...

m&m: Timmy's Ice Cappucino rules.

nab: shahosh korlam doctor ni. Now 'do' it. lol tumi jaano ki bolchi ami, eh?

mousehunter: it was the Indy 500. I am never much into racing but since it would be on the same time as we were there (for other reasons) it would have been a shame had we not gone.

Suroor: I kept the title Urdu-like, on our Victory Day. Hai Allah!

Behbood: The ski conversation actually happened (the first part). I didn't tell her I walked down the first time, of course. I told her I am now an amazing skiier.

Isheeta: Thank you! It was the "listening to music" course at UT, and let's say I used my eye more than the ear in the exam!

Anonymous said...

when I was in college the whole crowd was going to blue mountain,btw, is it like a ritual thingy for college/uni students to go there???Anyway, I was such a fob then,so I politely declined thinking "who goes there when it's so cold?",yes , laugh away, we all got these fob stories,hehehe. Btw, if I was your mom, I swear, I would have laughed at you for walking even if I can't ski myself. :) sf

The Bengali Fob said...

I'll talk about how weird I am in a bit. First I have to go around asking people what weird things I've done. I probably won't even have a list!

Cuz really, I am the only normal person in the world and everyone else is crazy. ;p