Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bush Cricket

Now I Have Seen Everything.

The Crawford Express

Elbows bent, proper uplift, .... WTH?




Crimson Mouzi said...

hahahaha FUNNIEST things of the century! The first picture.. isn't that called chucking or something like that. I am fogetting cricket terminologies. But, that's a NO-ball... I loves tha batting pose... OOH! AWESOME! ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Wait, BBC says "Bush went to bat after receiving instructions from the Pakistani captain".

Well, did anyone hear the Pakistani captain Inzi speak English?

"Bismilla-e-rehman-e-rahim. Thank you Allah for giving me Bush to teach."


- Farah.

Kamrul said...

Bush is trying to play Base-icket ! I am not even sure about him playing baseball let alone cricket.

Em said...

oh, give the guy a break. he was such a sport to at least try it out... try picturing pervez musharraf with a baseball bat.

kudos to bush. at least this once.

mezba said...

Em I agree he was a sport to try it out. Still, the facial expressions are funny! I can only imagine Inzi trying to explain to him what 'splitting silly point and mid-on' means.

Em said...


Aisha said...

That's not really bush its superimposed right? (That may sound like a dumb question but I'm kinda gullible)

mezba said...

Aisha, it's real. :-)

Crimson Mouzi said...

Bush's face confirms Darwin's theory of evolution!