Monday, July 10, 2006

The Man On The Subway

Heading home on the subway around 10 pm last night, lost in depressed thoughts of my adopted team (France) losing after playing some attractive football, and my favourite player Zidane deciding to use his head - literally - I noticed a Chinese couple sitting on the seats opposite me. As multitudes of Italian fans in various states of drunkenness came on board, I observed the Chinese couple. There was something strange, what was it?

Then I noticed it.

Headphones plugged the girl's ears, as she closed her eyes and swayed to the music. The headphone cables ran from her ear, onto a black ipod - which was in the guy's hands.

Yes, while the girl sat and listened to her music, hands crossed across her lap, her boyfriend/husband dutifully held the mp3 player aloft for her. At one point, the girl opened her eyes and mouthed something in Chinese to her man. He obediently pressed a button to skip ahead to the next song.

Now Zidane, when someone allegedly insulted his mom, did the manly thing and, um, headbutted the guy. Would have been better had he paused and scored a winning goal, but now people can get the Zidane/head puns rolling (I can't think of any from the top of my head but ... ). This Chinese dude, man, you are a kalank to men everywhere. ;-)



NAB said...

damn, she trained him well!

The Bengali Fob said...

As a recently converted Zidane fan, I feel devastated by the viciousness of the foul committed by him. Granted that he was provoked, but why couldn't he just shove the guy?!


Check this person's comment about Zidane:

arafat said...

Let's think about it this way. It probably should've been that: Zidane keeps his cool, continues to play, match ends in PK shootouts. France likely wins (or maybe not). No biggie.

Now here's what happens: Zidane gets mad, does "the manly thing", leaves, match ends in PK, France loses. No biggie either! Italy wins the World Cup after 24 years, and nobody's talking about it!

Coz Zidane matters more! Yayy!

Isheeta said...

At the end of the day, it was an AWESOME head-butt! How many guys fall to the ground with just a head-butt?! None! Only by Zidane!

Baraka said...


That's so sweet of the guy to do that, it shows he's caring and loving.

I'm sure she'd do the same for him. Relationships are all about give and take.

At any rate, he's well-trained! ;)


The Bengali Fob said...

LOL! It's soo true! Instead of talking about the World Champions Italy, people are talking only about Zidane! That shows how much people care more about him than the Italians!

And Isheeta's right, how many people can knock down a guy with their head?!

And Baraka's 'give and take' thing is just plain LMAO!