Thursday, December 28, 2006

2006 - Bollywood

Best Bollywood Movies I Saw:
  1. Lage Raho Munnabhai
    "Turn the other cheek" was never this entertaining! Not to mention Vidya Balan, what a woman. Bole to ekdum solid movie hain.
  2. Jaane-e-Mann
    An unexpectedly good mushy romantic comedy. This movie, spoofing Bollywood cliches, has a heart. Great movie.
  3. Don
    The day when Bollywood decided to be on par with Hollywood.
    People don't leave Don, they leave this world.
  4. Phir Hera Pheri
    Akhsay Kumar. Paresh Rawal. Enough said.
    Not to mention a hot Rimi Sen in Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri.
  5. Omkara
    A seedy, R-rated, rural Indian depiction of the Bard's Othello. Gripping.
  6. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
    For all the controversy and soul searching it generated. I loved the cinematography.
  7. Dor
    Simple and poignant and to the point. My take here.
  8. Vivah
    Yes I dissed the movie. It took me 2 days to watch it because I ran out of patience at the slow parts and resumed later. But the ending redeemed it. Sort of.
  9. Apna Sapna Money Money
    An entertaining movie. Paisa vasool.
  10. Pyaar Ke Side Effects.
    A "loser talks to camera" movie that is genuinely funny. The Scoreboard scene was the 'Scene of the Year'. A funny spoof on relationships. My take here.
Worst Bollywood Movies I Saw:
  1. Rang De Basanti
    A rubbish movie. Let's line up all the politicians and shoot them, said one uncle at a party. And the director took this to heart.
  2. Umrao Jaan
    Considering the original was a great movie, this was a surprisingly boring take.
  3. Dhoom 2
    An overhyped music video, with zero script and can be generously described as "which bicep of Roshan Jr. to focus on now".
  4. Fanaa
    Great songs, good acting. Nonsense climax. A date movie.
Worst Movie of the Year Ever:
  1. Superman Returns.
    What a bore. Superman is a wimp.
Drool worthy Person Of The Year:
  1. Vidya Balan


Anonymous said...

Oooh! She's "hot"! (and I hope chimi doesn't see my comment)!

... said...

Haha, the 4 movies you vetoed are the 4 I really wanted to see this year! Well, except for Dhoom 2. I would just watch it for Aishwarya since I love her.

And Vidya is eik daam solid piyaari hai.

أبو سنان said...

Not bad! But I guess I am "picky about noses"(pun intended).

I am not sure I'd like her nose. LOL! See, I dont like large noses, nor noses you can see inside the nostrals, nor those that flair up on the sides.

Button noses......that is what I like.


Anonymous said...

Hmm..dude, there are a lot of Vidya Balan pictures on the net. Why did you have to put a DROOL tag on the pic above? She looks like Sridevi from Khuda gawah... :|


Anonymous said...

I watched Kabhi alvida...just last week, really liked it, different kinda story line. I still have to watch some other movies(am behind like 7+ yrs). Watched syriana recently,last night watched Firewall(eww!),Something new was gr8 about inter-racial love(?). Anyway,these r the only movies I can recall at this moment. :( sf

Anonymous said...

I am just impressed you didn't put Ashwarya(sp?) and a real Indian looking girl instead :)

Haven't seen bollywood in forever, so can't really comment on anything else :)

mezba said...

Suroor: that she is. And she has pretty feet

Maleeha: lol. Lot of people (mostly Indians) loved Rang De Basanti. Girls liked Dhoom2 since it was a Hritick body show. I love Aishwarya too, but she couldn't talk in Dhoom2.

And Vidya is stare worthy too.

Abu Sinan: Oriental tastes eh? lol.

Behbood: It's her smile. It's infectious.

mezba said...

Sf: do watch Munnabhai and Omkara. Very different type of Hindi movies. KANK was different in that it showed a reality that happens and people don't like to talk about it. I liked it because of that one fact alone, forget others. Not to mention gorgeous cinematography (not a big Rani fan).

Maliha: Please start watching Bollywood again (selectively) they do make some good movies nowadays!

Anonymous said...

Havn't you seen 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'? I think 'Dor' and 'Khosla Ka Ghosla' are the best movies to come out this year.

Anonymous said...

This is a super super post! Especially when I followed the link to "Dhoom 2" - Hilarious stuff about Uday.

On other topic I came across this link on the website - looks very promising.


mezba said...

Anon (2.16): No I didn't watch it, I started to but the beginning was quite serious so I just switched to something else (wasn't in the mood for that then). I heard it's quite good.

mv: Little Mosque on the prairie - definitely checkout worthy.

The Exinator said...

i see phir hera pheri on ur list.


Anonymous said...

Am I glad to find someone who thinks Vivaah was an awful movie with a good ending, Rang De Basanti was a rubbish movie and KANK was a good one coz it did make you think!! I am one of those!!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch TV or films and so I didn't even know who Shiney was until I googled him.

BUT, I can never forgive you for making me watch Vivah!!

My sisters and I have this films grading scheme -

1. ok but shit;
2. half shit; and
3. full shit.

Vivah was "full shit" with double scoop!

Anonymous said...

That's a terrible pic of Vidya, couldn't you have put one up from Parineeta?!

I also recommend Khosla ka Ghosla, it's not serious, Boman Irani and Anupam Kher are awesome in that one. It's quite a refreshing story, I'd put it together with Lage Raho.

I finally watched Apna Sapna Money Money, and it wasn't as 'tapori' as I thought it to be, or maybe I've just become too numb to realize the nonsense anymore. It was an amusing movie all the same.

asikha said...

'Rang de basinti' was most probably one of the best movies of last year and not just in the Bollywood category. It was fresh because it was critical of the Indian government, it wasn't an all-hailing-mother-India-is-so-great kind of a film. Plus, how it drifted off to history was also unique (for a Bolly) which I enjoyed. Of course a difference of opinion here. But thought I'd give my two pence.

(But from your list, quite a poor taste in Bollys I have to say (minus Munna Bhai - 'twas hilarious!). Maybe it's a Cannick think (ok, you're going tell me it's Cannuck, but I like saying Cannick). Erm, well enjoyed reading your posts, I realise this is a late entry...).