Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dhoom 2 Trailor

A (funny?) post for "Bollywatchers". So we went to Woodside to see an Indian movie. They showed the trailor of the multi-starrer Dhoom 2 before the start of the movie.

First came this guy on screen.


All the girls whistled loudly.

Then came her.


It was the turn of us guys to make catcalls.

And then came him.


Loud cheers again from the females.

Then came Miss Word.


Solid, solid catcalls from the guys.


Then came him.





From all.

PS. I will miss her. She was a Bong too - bonus.



NAB said...

A lone "whoot, whoot" from Nowal then =)

Anonymous said...

Haha ... hahahaha.. this is really funny.

I went to see Don over the weekend and saw the same phenomenon. Poor Uday. Here's a *drool* over your muscles, Uday....

- Farah.

Rajputro said...

good one... and rimi sen is just HOT

Aisha said...


Samiha Esha said...

DHOOM 2 .....WIll MAKE DHOOM 222222222222.......:)

'liya said...

I'm not a big fan of bollywood films, but I think the first girl is a lot prettier than Miss World. Which one did you cheer louder for? I don't find any of the guys attractive..


Maleeha said...

omg, Aishwarya looks emaciated! She looked so much better with a little roudness to her face.

Maleeha said...

omg, Aishwarya looks emaciated! She looked so much better with a little roudness to her face.

And for the record, neither of those guys would get a catcall from me. Abhishek needs a shower, and Hrithik needs to stop looking like such a pretty-boy metrosexual.

mezba said...

Nowal, Farah: Uday fans in the house then!

Rajputro: Bro, you are so right on Rimi. I wonder why they axed her role. Probably being a "wife" you can't do much in the Hindi movie except wait at home for husband and make tea.

Aisha: Remember the puffy shirt from Sienfeld?

Samiha Esha: Oh I agree, it will make tons of money provided it has a half decent plot. I mean look at Don.

liya: I cheered louder for Ash coz she looked better in the stills. In real life I don't know who would be better, but I know Bips will look like this.

Maleeha: read this post of mine if you haven't already.

I still haven't figured out the attraction to women that is Abhishek (like for heaven's sake why does the dude NOT shave?). His last clean shaven movie was Bunty Aur Bubly. But girls tell me he gives the "bad boy" image but you can still take him home to your mother (one girl's word, not mine) so what do I know.

mystic-soul said...

Is he a new actor?

mezba said...

mystic-soul: no, he is Uday Chopra son of Yash Chopra the director and he debuted in 2000 I think in Mohabbatein and has been in various movies since, but never struck it in A grade on his own.

Maleeha said...

Mezba, I did read that post, and I commented on it a while ago :) For the record, I love Aishwarya and think she's gorgeous.

mezba said...

Oops sorry Maleeha! I got you confused with someone else.

Abu Sinan said...

Bipasha, I have never seen her before, and I know I wouldnt forget her.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Abhishek! Am I the only girl that doesn't like him?!?

If I was at the theatre I would've yelled, "EEEEeeewwwWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"

As for Uday, all he has is muscles. Taht pic of him looks like Austin Powers.

Anonymous said...

Uday is Yash Chopra's son? :O holy crapp.

And as for Abhishek - my theory is that none of his fans want to admit this: he looks chagla when he's clean shaven :P. At least in my opinion and I know a few ppl who agree with me reluctantly. With the unshavenness he looks all serios and hot. However if you give him sunglasses and tell him to have no facial expression whatsoever then it doesn't matter if he shaves or not ;)



Oh Uday is so cute with this rose....I love him he's the best and my favourite actor ...
I'm wanting for DHOOM 2 ...

Anonymous said...

And yes Uday is Yash Chopra's son .....and for me he's the best I love him he's my favourite actor and I'm waiting for Dhoom 2
He's so cute with this rose ....

Anonymous said...

Ewww,that would have been me,once someone lent me this dvd and this guy was the star,long story short,just watched CP24. BTW,who the hell is he and who told him to act(am not being mean)lol