Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Movie Reviews


Obviously the big one. Any movie starring King Khan is big, and this was no exception. The hall on Saturday night was packed. The movie was excellent, even to those who have watched the original Don (1978). The first half was specially fast paced, with no dragging parts, and the twists and turns in the plot keep you from fidgeting. There is a welcome return of blood on SRK's face, after years of clean lover-boy roles. He plays Don with a style that only SRK can, and you leave the movie humming the theme music in your head. In other words, definitely paisa vasool.

Pyaar Ke Side Effects

I did not know what to expect from this movie - never been a fan of Rahul Bose (not star material) or Mallika Sherawat (too skanky). However this was a delightfully refreshing comedy that genuinely had me laughing at various times. It's about a guy who is stepping into marriage but is unsure of the commitment or involvement and still have doubts about losing his bachelorhood. Hitting a little too close to home at times, but by never taking itself too seriously this film works very well.


A small movie, possibly unknown to most mainstream Bollywood watchers, and even though it's women oriented it manages to capture your interest and tell a simple story really well. The director's previous work was the well acclaimed and different Iqbal, and here he maintains his caliber. The story is of two women, a Muslim and a Hindu, both of whose husbands leave for Saudi Arabia to work and send money back home, and end up as room partners. How each of them gets affected by events and manage to change each other's lives forms the crux of the story, and no - it's not as sappy as it sounds. It's really good.

The Departed

Give it a miss. One of the best ways to ruin 10 dollars. The movie had enough to keep you interested (in parts) but too many loose ends and a horrible ending that just ruins it all. It's not a normal cops and robbers as all the cards are dealt face up right at front, and there are no twists and turns, with the movie following a very predictable turn of affairs. You can't depart from the Departed early enough.



Samiha Esha said...

Happy Birthday To My Dear Actor Shahrukh Khan :)

Many many happy return of the day...:)

May You Live long long long and sooooooooooo long that Inshallah my grandchildren also enjoy your movie....hehehehe......Good luck :)


Samiha Esha :)

Anonymous said...

SRK is the best. Can you imagine any other actor doing this role today? Salman would be to 'aeeiiii' (silly), while Akshay can only do comedy (very well) or hurt-as-a-child action roles. Aamir would try to be too realistic and cocky (not to mention through a cheezy shayeri or two). Sunny Deol would just yell and Ajay Devgan is not enough eye candy. No, it had to be SRK *drool*
- Farah

Maliha said...

at the risk of getting mob-beaten I think SRK is way over-rated when it comes to looks. I'm sorry but he is really ugly to it just me?

Also, when do you have the time to watch all these movies?

i used to be a big bollywood fan (back when i was really young; and Sri Devi, Neelam and Amir khan were still huge-yes wayyy back); but I just can't find enough hours in the day to squeeze in a movie nowadays (let alone a three hour one).

mezba said...

Samiha, Farah: SRK really proved himself as badshah of style in the movie. The golf 'good shot' just one example - when it comes to style and being 'SRK', he's your man.

And yes, I don't like Aamir Khan too.

Maliha:I suspect you WILL be outmobbed here. SRK is not too much into looks department I think - he's no Hritick, but he has the style (I must start sound repetitive now).

I watched these movies starting from Eid (so had ten days or so) ... usually at end of Ramadan I have a list of movies to see.

Shabina said...

really, departed sucked? alas! i was quite excited to see it...but i guess i'll spend my 10 bones on the prestige instead...

Sumera said...

Im with Maliha. He's not that nice looking. And his laugh is as if a sheeps bleating. He over-does it most of the time.

Apart from that, i'm passing on the 2 bolly movies. Last one I seen was KANK and even that I ripped to shreds.

I just watch bolly movies to laugh at the dancers. And boy, do I laugh hard!

Aisha said...

JEEE finally an AMERICAN movie you reviewed!!! lol. I dont watch bollywood stuff so I'm usually out of the loop.

I heard Departed was good. hmm. Do you plan to watch Borat?

kodu mia said...

Bhai shab, apni proti bochor koyta hindi philim dekhen?

mezba said...

Shabina: Yup, the Departed sucked, and I usually like that kind of movies. The ending really killed it. I would almost recommend you watch it just to see how bad the ending is.

Sumera: Then you will enjoy this site.

Aisha: I definitely plan to watch Borat. I think you should watch Dor, I think you might enjoy it - going by your movie reviews it might be your type of a movie.

Kodu: Oh, a lot :-)

Maleeha said...

Oh yea, the ending for Departed SUCKED. But I did like it throughout the movie - Leo did a great job. Too bad the ending killed it.

Umm, Don looks like a cheesy movie from the trailer. I would watch it just for the cheese factor, since SRK is SO over the top (and I agree, not much in the looks department). I love Amir Khan, how can anyone say anything bad about his acting, or looks?

Faraz said...

A lot of people say Shahrukh Khan looks like hockey player Rod Brind'Amour. And a lot of people say Rod Brind'Amour is one of the ugliest hockey players. Thus, Shahrukh Khan is ugly.

Anonymous said...

Am a huge SRK fan,and yes maliha,not so good in the looks department(ducks,help!)
But he is my fave bollywood actor,though haven't seen bollywood movies for ages,maybe,at times would catch the free flicks they got on OMNI on sundays,sigh...I think I used to watch them with a passion when I was in high school,some long long looooooooong time ago! sf

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the original Infernal Affairs was much better than the Departed.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Departed sucked monkey balls.