Monday, November 13, 2006

The Story Of Two Pictures

At the Vatican:

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, meets the Pope [Source].

So to meet the Pope, our hot Governor General has to dress more like a Muslim woman than Muslim Turkish women politicians, university lecturers, Air Morocco stewardesses, Tunisian women, ... as opposed to when she dresses up for a toast.

My question: What will she be wearing once the Italian government bans the burkha?

Meanwhile in Bangladesh:

Egged on by other supporters, a Bangladeshi kid, aged 10, throws a rock at the police [BBC].

Today I went to vote in Toronto's municipal elections. Such elections are taking place all over Ontario today. My name wasn't on the list, so they checked my ID and had me fill out and sign a form before giving me a ballot to vote. I voted and left.

There were no policemen at the voting station. There was no army on the streets. There were no riots. The center was staffed by senior citizens and high school kids.

In Bangladesh it's not even voting day. No one is even sure when the election will be and who will run. And already there is chaos. I am beginning to think these people only understand the language of the stick.



Suroor said...

You bring me some most interesting news! Doesn't look decent standing next to the pope?!

Maliha said...

I thought she was Muslim for a minute:) The pope reminds me of smeagol for some reason:) "My precious!"

Anywho, "the language of the stick" compare the lifestyle, comfort, the relative freedoms of canada to bangladesh. Perhaps certain creature comforts breed an apathy within us?

Farah said...


The creatures that run the political parties in Bangladesh enjoy the finest of all creature comforts and healthcare that their stolen millions can buy. Yet they (this time it's the Awami League) instigate the stupid poor people to riot and remain backwards.

These poor idiots do not understand the language of diplomacy, talk and planning. They only understand might is right. Therefore you have to use a bigger stick against them. They are sheep to be herded by whoever has the bigger stick. If the police continue to tolerate peaceful protests (however large) but crack down brutally on any violence and riots that would be the best. Bust a few skulls, crack a few bones and after a few incidents the parties and their minions would understand they cannot get away with lawlessness.


Farah said...

Wow, she looks so much more better (read decent) meeting the pope than in the toast (horrible angle though to take that picture).

She's actually a pretty woman, and for a change it's nice to have a royal representative who is not a senior citizen but someone like us (she's a mom, had a daytime job of a reporter and a crazy husband).


Abu Sinan said...

Well, I think they are going to have to ban the hijab, the problem is, they will then have to fix all of their pictures of the virgin Mary and all of the nativity scenes with the virgin Mary.

She wears hijab in most all of them.

Of course, nuns can no longer wear their traditional dress either.

Athena said...

lol I just wanted to point out to Maliha that The pope looks more like the sith least to me. ;)


Aisha said...

LOL @ the two picture comparisons.

The picture of the Bengali kid is quite powerful.

Em said...

Totally with Maliha there -- for "I thought she was Muslim for a minute" and, hmmm... maybe even "The pope reminds me of smeagol for some reason" :)

And what is UP with Air Morocco? "errors of the past whereby prayer time is used to spend hours out of the office must not be repeated." Excuse me? They should work to arrange a Jemaah ON SITE so that ppl can pray together - on time, promptly, without much fuss and time-spending. Subhan Allah! Ya Allah, grant the employees (who now voluntarily quit) much better jobs, Amin!

Samiha Esha said...

Hmmmm :(

Isn't it quite funny there's none to stop all this things...:(

Aisha said...

I dont know if you check your hotmail account much but I sent you an email. Quite belated. But sent none the less :)

Anonymous said...

LOL@Maliha ("my precious"!)that remark always reminds me of how smeagol said it.
As for the elections,I wasn't mailed the voting card,but I still went to vote,it was done @ my kid's school gym,just took some ID'S,btw,met Adam Vaughn on my way,I supported him,so let's hope,he brings some new changes to our neighborhood.