Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Need To Get Out Of Here

Anyone who knows someone who can score me cheap tickets to Bangladesh over the Christmas period, with stopovers in Dubai/London/both please contact me as soon as possible. If you know someone who knows someone who owns a travel agency I will be super grateful. At this point I have not decided how you will be rewarded but rest assured satisfaction is guaranteed (mine at least).


sabrina said...

what do you mean by "cheap"? What would be price range?
I just got mine on British Air for $1525... pretty cheap for the season I suppose.
You could fly to England with British and then take Etihad (layover in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, I forgot) to Bangladesh, they are "relatively" cheap!Good luck, bro!
Ticket hunting to BD is a lot of work!

mezba said...

sabrina that's pretty cheap. That's US$ right? Even if converting to CD$ thats cheap and I would take it. What's your route, just US to Bdesh and back? I don't really need the Dubai stopover (would love the UK layover though), how did you get the ticket?

Anonymous said...

Right now is the "high season", but here's my travel agent's info.

House Of Travel and Tours
Tel: 416-645-0235//1-866-645-0235//905-362-2221
Fax:905-362-2920, E-MAIL
Ask for Lata, she's really great!!

Neena said...

You're in TO, right. Lot of people from Canada fly from Buffalo, NY to Desiland. They say it's more economical.

mezba said...

sf, thanks. I will contact her tomorrow.

Neena, that was something I was thinking of doing. But I heard the money you save you spend on travelling to Buffalo. Then there is the whole crossing the border thing.

sabrina said...

yeah US $1525. So I am lfying from NY-JFK to Heathrow and then to Zia international. And the same route back, 100% british air.

I did not go through any travel agency. I just went to their website. A tip would be if you check for prices at night or late evening, you will get cheaper price than what you would get during business hours. It was a shocking discovery, but it is true, at least for the British air USA site.

Anonymous said...

Mez - I dont know if KLM or Alitalia operate to B'desh or not, but if they do, then you might want to ask the ticket reservation rep about the ticket cost. I know some people at work who are flying out of Toronto on 24th Dec and 18th Dec.
The one flying on 18th has her tickets through Alitalia to Kolkata and she got it for $1730(incl)CDN.
The other person got it for $1850 (incl)CDN through KLM to Delhi.

Having said that, one of my relatives is flying to Mumbai on Jan 6th and he got his ticket through KLM for $1320 CDN(inclusive). The number for this travel agent is: TravelWise (519)-341-9757, (519)821-1042. Ask for NASER KHAN.

it doesnt matter if the travel agency is out of town. Now-a-days, E-tickets are becoming extremely popular, so you dont need to worry about booking something intown


Anonymous said...

Why all of a sudden! -- Mimi

mezba said...

Sabrina, Ya I contact British Airways .. they had increased all their prices now :-(

Behbood, thanx yaar, will check it out, though don't think they go to Bd.

Mimi, remember the friend who was getting married? Suddenly a couple of friends are now added to that list.

Anonymous said...

How CUTE!!, how many are on the list!! I think, your friend Tauhid is on Orkut!!

Anonymous said...

Hey,did you get to Lata(travel agent),she beats any price that anyone else has offered you,so let's hope you do get a good deal, my husband flew to kenya in mid-nov (KLM)and the price was $1350(incl),that was not bad. So,you the best man???Maybe inshallah you could find *someone* when you go down there, you never know. Wish you all the luck! sf

Em said...

Sorry for the late reply. Thanksgiving festivities :)...

I think you might be able to beat $1500 JFK-DAC (depending on dates) by calling up these 2 agencies:

Worldwide at 1-877-967-5361 or 212-779-8000
Suma at 1-877-929-4900

I'd say KU would be your best bet, followed by Emirates (through an agent, not online). If you're under 25, you could get the youth fare... I'm doing AA from JFK to London for $480, then a free ticket ($106) from London to Dhaka on Kuwait Airways, Insha Allah.

Good luck!

Em said...

Forgot to mention: ask them to check KU for trips via London (direct JFK-KWI-DAC tends to be pricier), ie. JFK-LHR-KWI-DAC. You can get a free stopover at London at least one route... but this London route will mean you'll have to stay one night in KWI on the way back, but they put you up in a nice 4-star with meals and all... a good rest for the long flight ahead.

Oh, and be sure to ask for Shameemah at Suma.