Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brass Crescent Awards


I am humbled. My post Better Than A Thousand Months" on the last night of Khatam-e-Quran during Ramadan has been nominated under the 'Best Post or Series' for the annual Brass Crescent Awards. You can take a look at all the categories and nominees and vote for your favourite blogs here.

Vote Here

You can vote till Sunday.



Maliha said...

OMG congratulations. I have to remember you are a Bengali in TO...I always think of you just as Mezba:)


Dil-E-Nadaan said...

Congratulations!! I am so so SO proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Nice nice mez...congrats... there are so many blogs out there today and truly you should think of yourself as a winner by just getting a nomination. I have casted my vote and do let us know when the results come out. I am sure most of your readers agree when I say that your posts are interesting and exceptional.

On an other note,you should also hold "Mezba awards" for your visitors in categories like:
Most humorous comment
Most serious comment
Most visited person
etc etc

Hopefully this idea/hint would propel you to think of holding something. :)


Baraka said...

Congrats! :)

Sabrina said...

I second Behbood. I am worried about the award for the person who frequents this blog the most.
Do you happen to know my IP address?
just ignore how many times I come to this blog!


I promise I won't come here again when I am in a class, like right now!

NAB said...

the question is...who in the WORLD nominated YOU?

Mango Addict said...

Congratulations on the nominations and best of luck for the competition. Looking forward to participating more in your blog, keep up the good work too. :-)

isheeta said...

Congrats Mezba!!! I didnt even know they existed, I'm really looking fwd to checking out the readings on ALL the categories... I get inspired when I come across sites and readings such as those... (but dont worry, my votes for you ;)

mezba said...

Thank you for all of your comments and good wishes. It's just an honour (not to mention a surprise) to be nominated.

To NAB, they didn't tell me who nominated me. I knew about the awards and their prestigious nature in the blogosphere (from Shabana's site) but the first time I found out about my nomination was when I was checking through my visitor logs and saw a link from their website.

To Behbood, do you know you have a fan club already? People want to petition you to start your own blog. Lol though I don't get too much comments I should try and hold those awards sometimes. Winner gets a free 'guest' blog post. Heh!

And Mango Addict (your mom still mad at you for eating the mangoes, as you told me on MSN), welcome.

'liya said...

That's fantastic! I never heard of these awards before but I checjed out some of your competition and you're one of the best :)

I really loved that post you wrote and now I'm glad it gets to be recognized. Congratulations!

khonika said...

I remember reading that post. It was very good. Congrats on the nomination!
and Good Luck!

saqi namah said...

Congratulations Mezba. Great news. The Islamosphere is proud of you. :)

The Bengali Fob said...

I voted for you already! Go Mezba Go! Will you remember your loyal fans when you're famous? ;)

Em said...

Waiting for your award acceptance address on Monday, Insha Allah...

PS. Since you do track IP addresses, thought I'd drop you a line from my office to get you a different visitor :).

Rezwan said...

I have also voted! Congrats.