Thursday, July 06, 2006

Take My Car, Please

An inattentive driver recently clipped my mirror while cutting in front of me recklessly, resulting in a needless hassle of going through insurance to get that fixed. It was due to this reason that I found myself on Tuesday morning talking to a car rental agency.

"Yes," the polite agent confirmed my insurance has paid for my rental. "Which car would you like, sir? I can get you another Altima, that's what you drive."

"Oh no." I rejected the proposal. "I am in the mood to try something else for a while."

After refusing a Ford Taurus and a Pontiac G6 I finally settled for the Impala. It was a newly redesigned car, I had heard some good stuff about it, and wanted to test it.

"Don't we all," A friend who overheard the conversation butted in.


"Well, trying something new." He replied. "We all need to do that sometimes. I wish I could say that about my marriage. Haha."

Living in Canada, one thing that I still find myself getting used to is the casual way some men joke about their wife's infidelity. Their wives aren't really unfaithful, the men just joke about it.

For example, another acquaintance one remarked how tall his kids were.

"It's good 'coz I'm not that tall." He reflected. "Maybe the postman was. Haha."

Or, once another friend got flowers from his wife sent to his workplace on his birthday: "My wife sent me flowers. Knowing my wife she probably got a discount because she ordered in bulk. Haha."

Again, followed by laughter from the general audience, and a very bemused moi. This is ofcourse so wrong according to our cultural point of view, but then again, so is talking in the washroom and they do it all the time too.

As for now, I am enjoying my new ride, but can't wait for my car to get back from the shop. Somethings I like to go steady with.

World Cup

Well, I really got close with these predictions. I have decided I am NOT going to make any Final predictions.

So far, I always had ONE wrong prediction, while over 50% of the predictions were correct. Well, now, there is only ONE match left, and I don't want to jinx it either way. Yes, the World Cup final result DOES depend on this blog and what I post in it.



The Bengali Fob said...

I hope you want France to win since the result of the World Cup depends on your blog and comments!!! LOL

Go Zidane Go!

Did you see how much people hated Ronaldo?

Isheeta said...

Damn it mez, I wanted to get a general feeler! LOL

oh well, I'm mixed on this final.. Ive seen so many rabbits being pulled out of so many hats, I wouldnt be surprised what happens!

Farah said...

Hey, from the girls' side there also similar comments.

"My husband's gonna be late from work today. Must be the secretary... he should just take her for a week somewhere and give me a little rest. hahaha."

as for the final, i m rootin for italy. the country of the gucci and the lovely men who wear those gucci ....

Aisha said...

I've never heard such types of jokes. Is this you think a Canada thing? That's very inapprorpiate in my opinion.

Neena said...

How's the insurance stuff works in canada. Since in US we have to pay deductable which is usually from $250-$500 (the higer the deductable the lower the insurance premiums). So it works like this if my car has a damage of $500 then I've to pay $250 out of my pocket and insurance pays the rest of $250. I'm curious as I'm planning to move to Canada and trying to grab as musch info. as possible.

mezba said...

Bfob, Isheeta: And then there were two ...

The winning of this team would be a crowning glory and the fitting end to a fairy tale of revival. Alas, do such stories happen in our time *hint hint*

Farah: Interesting. BTW Italy is team varsace.

Aisha: Really? Maybe it's just a guy thing here then.

Neena: No I didn't have to pay the deductible as it was judged to be the other person's fault. You pay the deductable only if its your fault.

Maliha said...

I have heard similar things from a cultural perspective...where every lament about the misdeeds of a man is concluded with "you know how men are!"

Excuse me, i don't. If men are deemed to be by nature jerks, rude, lazy, and multiple-women loving..then it really sucks for all of us.

to the world cup: I hope Italy wins; I don't want France to have the glory off the same immigrants/muslims they love to hate and alienate. Not that Italy is that much better; but they haven't been on the news yeah. (very girly unsportsmanlike opinion of mine :) )

NAB said...

That's your bengali superstition coming out =)