Monday, July 31, 2006

Divine Help For Gym?

Do I have Divine Support with my new latest work out regime?

First, I get myself banned (I think) from my favourite lunch place. Well I went there for lunch and they made me wait for over 40 minutes. Like all I ordered was fried bass and tofu on rice with mixed veggies - so simple. So I walked out. Given that this is the same place I go to once a week (when I don't bring lunch leftovers from home) for the last five years, I could have been a bit more considerate. The deed's done now, and I am not going back there. Atleast for a year anyways. The Chinese have long memories.

Second, I just discovered that one of the benefits to having a mayor who is a socialist is that he believes constructing sports complexes (such as basketball courts) will keep certain kids out of trouble. So they made a huge sports complex near my place.

And no one seems to know anything about it.

There are three tennis courts. One ice hockey rink. One badminton court. All are usually empty when I go there with my neighbours. PERFECT.

Third, summer weekends would usually find me fishing rather than going to the gym. However I managed to damage my rod (that's fishing rod) rather badly last time. The reel is in a knot. It would take over 3 hours to fix that. I would rather spend a couple of hours on the treadmill rather than untying knots and screws. My dad won't fix the rod for me as he wants me to 'take my own responsibility'. I cannot bully my younger siblings ... as they are not that young anymore. So off to the gym on Saturday rather than Rice Lake.

Then again, a new bakery did open right on our street ... [project john abraham cancelled]


virtuous woman said...

Did i notice a post disappearence?
I hope it wasn't something I said.


Aisha said...

enjoy the quiet stadium while it lasts. It wont be long. Wow that is sooo aesome!

NAB said...

you're missing a post.

mezba said...

VM: Yup post deleted. Check email.

Aisha: it's already starting to get busy, though the basketball courts that is, thankfully not tennis.

Nowal: Yes, the last one.