Friday, July 14, 2006

Hanging Lecture Halls

Recently I had the chance to visit one of the new construction projects at the University of Toronto for work. They had a new building, the Leslie Dan Pharmacy building that had an interesting concept - lecture halls 'suspended' from inside the building's atrium.

The 'hanging' lecture halls.

Entrance to one such 'hall'.

Inside a lecture hall.

The upper deck of the 'hall'.

Do you know why there are raised grooves here? It's to prevent skateboarders from plying their trade on the name stone.

The nearby students' office, with the roof's dome retouched for the World Cup.



AuditiO Addabaaz said...

COOL! which campus is that?

Anonymous said...

Aisha said...

ok, its reallllly cool looking but... i would be totally distracted the entire time i would be in there.

Anonymous said...

wow mez...thats indeed brilliant. These blood suckers took money from us to build amazing things that we alumni's cant enjoy!!!