Friday, July 04, 2008

Quebec City - Day 1

rue and chemin refers to roads and streets.

parle vous anglais? is roughly 'do you speak English'.

Armed with that (very) rudimentary French (and perhaps a bit more) I ventured out to Quebec - la belle province - as it is known in Canada.

Maybe they should call it the Rainy Province.

Not to mention cold.And here I was, packed for summer, with Tees and shorts, having to hurry to Walmart to get a decent pair of jacket and raincoat ... and this is supposed to be summer.

We just arrived, and it's pouring like cats and dogs. It's just 6.30, and it's already dark.The above picture is of the Parliament (Quebec City is the capital of Quebec). Tomorrow's forecast is better, so let's hope I can take a few nice pictures.

(Photos courtesy: Max)


Suroor said...


BrainSmoke said...

Haven't been to Quebec City in ages. I can hardly remember what's there. Lot of history...that much I know :)

Enjoy the trip.

mezba said...

Suroor: Quebec was indeed beautiful - just French!

Brainsmoke: indeed lot's of history - check Facebook soon - they had a whole bunch of stuff commemorating their 400th year.