Thursday, June 26, 2008

A New Drama

Imagine my shock.

A friend had forwarded me the link to a Bengali natok (or a short TV series) on Youtube that was being aired in Bangladesh right now. The series is based on Bangladeshi-Canadians living in Ottawa.

OK, this sounds interesting, I thought, and clicked Play.

My cousin's face stared right back at me.

After having gotten over the shock, I quickly started to enjoy the play. It was actually not bad.

Of course the funny part part of it was my cousin is playing one character whose friend is interested in the neighbor lady and my cousin's character has to tease his friend about it. The haha part - the neighbor lady is being played by my cousin's wife! Some uncomfortable smiles there.

I still can't believe my cousin and bhabi are on national TV!

All in all I am actually surprised I didn't hear anything about it - but here it is - if you follow Bengali you will enjoy some of the characters while cringe at some of the others - it's all here.

Amader Shopnoloke

Episode 1 - part 1 of 3.

Episode 2 - part 1 of 3.

Episode 3 - part 1 of 3.

They even have a blog!


'liya said...

I want to watch but I need English!

mezba said...

I tried to find a link with subtitles but they don't have any!

Anonymous said...

English Please ...
Well, I must say, It must have been really really cool Wasnt it ??


mezba said...


I will talk to my cousin if they can get English subtitling! Though, given the shoestring budget, don't think it'll happen.

Tammy said...

Bengali natok's crack me up. You always have pretty girls with not so good looking guys. Some of the drama's are so stupid, makes no sense, and are waste of time.

mezba said...

When it comes to BTV, there's usually more good natoks than bad. Although the observation of pretty girls and not so great looking guys is very true.