Thursday, July 10, 2008

Morgentaler and Birth Control

Dr. Henry Morgentaler is going to receive an Order of Canada.

Now I think abortion is a necessary evil. From the Islamic point of view I know some people say it's permissible before 120 days as the soul hasn't yet transferred to the foetus. After that it's allowed only if the mother is in danger.

From the secular point of view I get it that it's the women's body and her choice.

And then I read an article like this.

Honour for Morgentaler is long overdue

If you read the article than it is clear why she thinks abortion is great. If all else fails and you are 'dumb' enough to get pregnant, then it's a great method of birth control.

I thought we in the 20th century has moved on to enlightedness. Apparently I am still a barbarian.

Here's the way I look at it. If you don't want a kid don't fuck anybody. If you are in a relationship with your husband and you get pregnant - it's part of the game. Deal with it.


'liya said...

"Here's the way I look at it. If you don't want a kid don't fuck anybody." Haha I agree. If you think you're mature enough to sleep with someone you should be old enough to deal with the consequences instead of running away from the problems.

mezba said...

Exactly! Abortion should not be a way to deal with "I don't want a child now as it would cramp my life style" in a consensual relationship.

isheeta said...

I agree with your opinion on the article, that arent we supposed to be in the 20th century. However, re: "Here's the way I look at it. If you don't want a kid don't fuck anybody. If you are in a relationship with your husband and you get pregnant - it's part of the game. Deal with it."

Maybe, but in countries struggling with political crimes where being gang-raped or sexual assaults are common, abortions cannot be categorized in a black and white issue where you can check off a list. Also applies in unsafe city streets. My 2 cents. Sometimes you don't get to pick who you fuck. Sometimes you get fucked. Why? I don't know and I dont care. Sometimes you give in to machete yielding killers. And when this baby isn't part of the game, abortion is how you deal with it. C'est la vie.

mezba said...

Isheeta I agree with you in those countrys' cases - when rape or incest occurs then abortion is, as I said, a necessary evil. But what I don't like is when it is used casually as birth control in the developed world.

أبو سنان said...

I agree 100%.

The whole rape/incest thing is over played because the numbers of over all abortions that are from such instances are really low.

I am not too sure about abortion being the proper move in those cases either. One needs to ask themselves the question, is the baby in the mother's womb alive or not?

If it is alive, would it be then right to kill it because of how it was conceived?

If it is alive, should the baby be killed because of the crime of it's father? This, certainly, is unIslamic. One can only be held responsible for their own sins, not those of others.

Personally, I think the killing of a baby after the crime of rape adds to the crime and makes it worse.

Having two little boys at home I find it hard to justify the killing of any unborn baby, no matter the reasoning one uses.

Once we accept it is legitimate to take a baby's life then the slide downhill is quick.

Here in the USA hundreds of thousands of babies are killed every year and the vast majority are for birth control means, nothing else.


mezba said...

Abu: the only reason I can think why Islam is somewhat OK with abortion is that Islam in my opinion never gave the unborn child the same status as a human being. For example, killing a pregnant woman is crime for punishing the woman, yet if you hit her and the child dies you are not tried for murder. Similarly the mother's health is paramount and at any time if in the opinion of the doctor her health is at risk the pregnancy can be terminated. plus there is the whole thing about 120 days.

أبو سنان said...

The 120 day thing isnt not something that I think is agreed upon.

The health issue I understand, the punishing the baby for the sins of it's parents I do not.

Ah well, God knows best. The punishment for the unjustice extinguishing of any life is sure to be huge, so I hope those involved in these cases do not take them lightly.

mezba said...

Allah does indeed knows best.

At this stage it looks like this award to Morgentaler will be implemented, much to the chagrin of Christian fundamentalists here. Suddenly they also find themselves agreeing with some Muslim scholars, something that scares them even more.

Muhamad Lodhi said...

People who treat marriage as a game shouldn't be married. Saying that if a married woman in the game of a marriage, regardless of her situation, gets pregnant then they should deal with it is neither here neither there. What do you mean by "deal with it"?

mezba said...

Muhammad: I thought it was pretty clear what I meant. If one is married, then getting pregnant is part of being married and 'deal with it' means accepting being pregnant and being a parent.