Monday, July 07, 2008

Quebec City - Day 3

We started the day with breakfast at Old Quebec. The magnificent Chateau Frontenac was an apt backdrop to a glorious breakfast of French toast, poached eggs and poutine.It's a pleasure to wonder around in the old town and get treated to a sight like this. The only time I had seen a harp was in an old Jack and the Beanstalk cartoon, so it was something else to see it live.

Then, we rode to this military base. There had been an explosion last April (cause still unknown and under investigation!) that reduced this working base to this.After that, it was time to leave Quebec City (which makes me rethink the title of this post). We had to drive to Tadoussac, a city 3 hours north of Quebec City. The roads were often hilly, and very foggy.

Driving a Nissan Versa with 4 people and all loaded up was a tough job on this 10% grade hilly roads!We drove on and on, until we could drive no more. The highway ended, and we had to drive up to a ferry to be carried across the channel.And then it was on to these Zodiac boats.It was all worth it, to see these magnificent animals they call whales.I realize the picture's not perfect, but I was too busy seeing to take pictures!

We saw 6 or 7 whales during our 2 hour cruise, plus dolphins and seals. The largest whale we saw was a hump back whale. It's a sight to see the whale sprouting water out of the blowhole, and then diving, with its tail sticking out of the water for that very fraction of a second, before plunging to the depths of the sea.

Tomorrow, we drive back to Toronto.


brainsmoke said...

Mmmm...poutine. I miss poutine. All that gravy....i do hope you had no gravy ;)

I've never seen whales in day...inshallah. I never knew you could whale watch in QC...a bit of a drive.

Suroor said...

I am jealous! What a beautiful place. Whales are whales - magnificent.

mezba said...

Brainsmoke: ah, you know, we probably DID have gravy, I thought it was some kind of sauce!

Suroor: Canada is indeed a very diverse and BIG country ... lot of stuff to see.

Specs said...

The photographs are extremely beautiful!

The drive looks specially enjoyable. Here, in Pakistan, its so sunny and dusty most of the time that all i can notice in the pictures are overcast skies and how nice the weather must be! :)

Anonymous said...

looks quite nice - how far is Quebec from TO? Maybe I will drive up from NYC sometime - one of my friends is in Montreal too.

mezba said...

Specs: the photographs from Day 1 and 2 were supplied by my friend's wife Max. The last day's pictures were mine.

The drives are indeed beautiful. Indeed, driving anywhere in Canada is full of nice scenery, even in the winter. The weather here is unpredictable. It could be nice, rainy, cloudy, even snowy, and sunny - all in the same day. Of course now it's summer so it rotates between rain and shine.

Sophister: Quebec City is around 9 hours drive away from Toronto. And Toronto itself is around 9 hours away from NYC. From Montreal, Quebec City is around 3 hours.