Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love Story 2050 vs. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

I saw two Hindi movies recently. One was very good and one was very bad.

Love Story 2050


In spite of all the bad reviews this movie got, I still WANTED to see this movie. It's a sci-fi with time travel, you don't get those often in Hindi cinema. So I watched it.


It's raining outside. Hero is in the mall with hero's girlfriend. It's not that crowded and hero is holding her hand. Suddenly, looking deep into her eyes, and hero utters this romantic dialogue:

"You are like a hot dog without the sausage."

At this point you have to think, seriously, how much worse can the script get? By the end of the seriously bad movie which feels so long that you THINK it's 2050 by the time it ended - you'd know just HOW bad this movie can be.In terms of acting, only Priyanka had a great challege - she had to play two roles. Girl in love, and girl in love with red hair. The special effects are never seen before, in Bollywood that is, but standard Hollywood fare.

As for product placements, it's very amusing to know that Xbox will still be around in 2050, and their latest model would STILL be Xbox 360!

In short, please save 3 hours of your life and do NOT see this movie.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na


Cute. Good. Adolescence love. Nice movie. Very much watchable.

The heroine looks so much like 'Liya it's uncanny.
I liked the movie - especially the funny climax.

Songs are great.

Please go see it.



BrainSmoke said...

Haha, I still remember you telling me about that sausage line. Looks like they stole the costumes from Bicentennial man.

You are right, she does look like Liya!

'liya said...

LOL well she certainly has my enthusiasm for the upcoming weekend, I'm bouncing off the walls too :D

I showed the picture to V and he said there's resemblence in some areas (I don't see any)! Now I'm curious to see it and an 8.5/10 is good, I trust your movie ratings.

mystic said...

I liked Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

It is a nicely made cute TV drama type movie....Dialogues are well written.

GeekiSiddiqUI said...

Well I'm glad to know that my 360 will be going strong for a long time :)

mezba said...

Brainsmoke, hard to imagine 50 crores being spent on this rubbish! Think of how much could have been spent in India on the poor with this money.

Liya, lol liya. I hope you are having a magnificent vacation.

Mystic, yup.. it was "cute". And the story makes you involved with the characters.

Geeki, haha. It was holograms too.

Sumera said...

I like these bolly updates :D

mezba said...

Sumera: haha my exams are getting done so hopefully can catch a few more. Hardly any good ones nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to the Bachans(?), lol. This weekend at the CNE they got that show, Masala! Mehndi! Masti!, but with this weather, I would like to go if I can. sf

mezba said...

Sf: I didn't go to the Bachchaan show... but I will try and make it to the M!M!M! show tomorrow iA.